Weatherproofing Kits ruggedize wireless applications.

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General Use and Cold Weather Wireless Weatherproofing Kits, WK-100 and WK-101 respectively, help cellular operators protect connections at new or existing cellular site stations. Using self-fusing butyl mastic in conjunction with vinyl tapes, installers and line technicians can create weatherproof seal for resistance to environmental factors such as water, condensation, UV, and sunlight. Suited for temperatures down to 0°F, WK-101 also includes Scotch Super 33+ Vinyl Electrical Tape.

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3M Introduces Weatherproofing Solutions for Wireless Applications

AUSTIN, Texas--Cellular operators now have a reliable weatherproofing solution from 3M to protect connections at cellular sites.

Designed for new cellular installations and repairs at existing base stations, two Wireless Weatherproofing kits are now available from 3M: one for general use and one for cold-weather applications.

Using self-fusing butyl mastic in conjunction with well-known, high quality vinyl tapes, installers and line technicians can create a weatherproof seal for excellent resistance to environmental factors such as water, condensation, UV and sunlight, over a range of temperatures. Each kit provides a flexible weatherproofing solution for a wide variety of cable sizes and device configurations. The 3M General Use Wireless Weatherproofing Kit WK-100 is designed for general use. For cold weather applications, the Scotch Cold Weather Wireless Weatherproofing Kit WK-101 is suitable for temperatures down to 0 degrees F (-18 degrees C) and includes Scotch brand Super 33+ Vinyl Electrical Tape from 3M, a premium grade all-weather vinyl-insulating tape manufactured in the United States.

Available from your local distributor, call 1-800-426-8688 or check (select "Where to Buy").

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