Weatherchem Introduces an Upgraded Design for the 53-485 SRII Flapper® Dispensing Closure

CLEVELAND, OH - One of the most popular dispensing closures in the consumer packaged goods industry is getting a new look - and this re-design promises to bring significant benefits to the packager and the consumer.

Weatherchem, a Cleveland-based manufacturer of specialty packaging, is introducing a newly upgraded design for its signature Flapper® dispensing closure. The new design is available for the 53-485 size and in the following dispensing options: .100/Pour, .100/.300, and Tri/Pour (pictured right). The versatile Flapper closure is designed for dispensing a variety of product applications including dry foods like spices and grated cheese as well as pet and chemical products.

One of the key features of the Flapper re-design is that the closure is now sift resistant (SR). Like other Weatherchem products that list the sift resistance feature, the new Flapper design can be used without a liner when using an external shrink-band and shipping upright. The product can be packaged and shipped without a liner while product is safely contained inside.. Comparable competitive offerings do not offer this unique and sustainable sift resistance feature. The re-vamped Flapper is the more sustainable choice given that it reduces cost and waste by eliminating the need for a liner.

For the consumer, the new Flapper design offers several important benefits. For example, the new closure design has eliminated the old sift hole cleanouts of the former design while adding a concaved sift surface - making the lid easier to close by eliminating product build-up. The closure is also easier to open, with a wider thumb-indent and a larger, deeper depressing lip, and offers a more modern look with a glossy finish and easy-to-read graphics.

"The Flapper is our core line of products and is a well-recognized brand name that has helped to make Weatherchem a leader in dispensing closures," said Anna Frolova-Levi, Vice President of Marketing at Weatherchem Corporation. "In our continuing effort to improve our product offerings, we've revamped this design to better meet the needs of our customers and their consumers."

Consumer focus groups have offered rave reviews for the new Flapper design, with testers describing the new product as "user friendly," appearing to be "more durable" and "higher quality" - this perception also gives a "halo effect" to the product that is stored in the Flapper package, as it makes the product appear fresher and newer as well.

"Weatherchem strives to be a source of innovation and forward thinking in the consumer packaged goods industry," said Frolova-Levi. "We're always thinking about the needs of our customers and what we can do to create a better experience for the consumers who ultimately use our products. The re-design of the Flapper is going to continue our efforts to produce excellent packaging to improve the lives of the customers we serve."

Weatherchem Corporation is an innovative manufacturer and marketer of convenient plastic dispensing closures and controlled access packaging. As the creators of the original Flapper® dispensing closure, Weatherchem now offers one of the industry's most innovative closure product lines. In addition to Flapper® these include: LiquiFlapper®, NutraFlapper®, NutraGen II® FlapMate®, Grinder NR, and Agricap®. Whether designing or selecting packaging for a new product or revamping the design of an existing product, Weatherchem has the closures that consumers love.

For more information about Weatherchem Corporation, please contact Anna Frolova-Levi in the Marketing Department at 330.405.7762 or e-mail


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