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CHESTERLAND OH — Can't find a data logging system that meets your I/O requirements? Do you need a distributed system to monitor multiple points spread across a factory floor or several buildings? At CAS DataLoggers we can custom-configure a data logging system for your application using Modbus-based devices. Our inside engineering department has developed several of these custom Modbus systems for our customers who need a reliable way to monitor their processes, energy, products and more. Just give us a call at 1-800-956-4437 and we can help you select the best logger for your project.

Modbus-based monitoring systems are easy to deploy and consist of 3 parts:

• One or more data loggers to manage the data collection, storage and alarming functions;

• Analog and digital I/O modules to receive the sensor inputs and provide necessary analog or digital outputs;

• A communications bus to interconnect the loggers and I/O modules.

A 4th component is also available:

• An optional HMI to display data and control the system

The Modbus communications standard provides a way to seamlessly tie all of these devices together in a system that's customized to fit your exact needs.

1. Modbus Data Loggers

We offer several families of data loggers that support Modbus communications. Typically one logger will be designated as the system master. This logger will manage the communications between the other Modbus devices, either reading or writing data. The Modbus master also serves as the central repository for all of the data and provides alarming functions if necessary.

• Datataker DT8x Data Loggers

• Delphin TopMessage and Profimessage Data Loggers

• Novus Field Logger

2. Modbus I/O Modules

We offer a variety of Modbus I/O modules to measure Temperature, Voltage, Current, Digital State or Pulse signals. If your application requires control or alarm outputs, we can also supply Digital, Relay, Voltage or Current output modules to interface with other devices.

• Brainchild I/O Modules

• Novus Digirail Modules

3. Communications Bus

A key feature of the Modbus protocol is that it allows flexible communications between devices using a number of different physical interconnections. The most common is Modbus on an RS-485 which is ideal for monitoring spread-out points. This is a 2 wire serial interface that allows communication between devices up to 4000 ft. apart.

Several of the data loggers also provide support for Modbus over a TCP/IP network connection. This allows the system to be distributed over longer distances, between different buildings in a plant, on a campus or even across states!

A relatively new option is to use Modbus via a wireless network. We offer Airgate devices from Novus that provide a range of up to 3000 feet using an industrial radio, or a Cellular model that provides virtually unlimited range.

Operators can even utilize all three of these communications options at once using a datataker data logger which has Serial, Ethernet and Wireless communication capabilities.

Optional Touchscreen Display

Some customers want the ability to view live data, alarms and charts on the plant floor without needing a PC, or they want to be able to directly control the operation of the data logger. For this we can provide an HMI with a touchscreen and a custom page(s) to allow easy visualization of measured parameters and also allow various control functions such as starting or stopping the logger, adjusting alarm set points or manually controlling outputs.

Application Examples:

Whether you need to monitor data from test stands, heavy machinery, or record nearly any value, we've provided Modbus monitoring systems for similar applications. Here are a few examples which really highlight the advantages of dataloggers for your business or organization:

Distributed Temperature Monitoring:

We offered a custom setup as part of a proposal to a major airline manufacturer who needed a distributed temperature monitoring system for its beverage carts to keep temperature stable during flights. This wireless datalogging application involved over 200 monitoring points throughout the airplane and used seven battery-operated transmitters, with a data logger placed on each of six carts and a central data logger aggregating the data. All the system's parts are inter-operable.

Developed by our inside engineering department, this custom system consisted of Brainchild 6-Channel RTD Input modules and Novus wireless Modbus products each logging temperatures, with a dataTaker data logger as the brain of the system collecting the data. While a setup with this many temperature sensors and monitoring points would be extremely expensive for most wireless products, our Modbus systems are much more cost-effective.

Remote Power Monitoring:

For another application, we developed a prototype Modbus system for a campus requesting a centralized power monitoring solution. Their energy company incentivizes customers in its area to reduce or shut off their power to reduce demand. For example technicians receive text messages from their provider informing them that if they reduce their usage during a 95-degree day, they will be reimbursed a certain amount for the favor.

In this setup the AirGate Modbus Gateway and the AirGate GPRS Modbus Gateway collect data from several remote breaker panels. A data logger connected to each panel sends all its readings to a centralized logger which uploads the data to Novus's cloud gateway server.

Standalone data loggers are frequently used to perform building-to-building monitoring, but this centralized method is much more convenient. This way the campus can lower its costs by not having to send staff out to walk to each building checking temperatures every time their provider offers these deals.

For more information on Modbus dataloggers, cloud storage services, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit the website at www.DataLoggerInc.com.

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