Wavien, Inc. Demonstrates Leading-Edge Flashlight, Illuminator and Projection Prototypes Based on Extended-Life Arc Lamps and LED Light-Recycling at CES 2011 in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS -- Wavien, Inc., of Valencia, CA, is demonstrating, for the first time, LED and arc-lamp-based illuminator and projector prototypes with industry-leading performance features including low cost and size, super-high brightness and maintenance-free, long lifetimes. These illuminator prototypes are based on the latest advances in Wavien's Dual Paraboloid Reflector (DPR(TM)) arc-lamp systems and Recycling LED Technology (RLT(TM)). They are being shown to attendees at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, South Hall Booth #22028, from January 6 to January 9, 2011.

The prototypes being demonstrated include:

1) DLP projector illumination systems featuring long life and low cost

-- Low-cost white-LED illuminated, full color, 300 to 500 lumen-output, DLP(TM) digital projectors.

-- A low power DPR illumination system with over 20,000 hours arc-lamp lifetime for maintenance-free DLP digital projectors with over 1,000 lumens output.

-- DPR(TM) DLP digital projectors with output over 2,000 lumens and arc lamp life of 10,000 hours.

-- High-efficiency DPR illumination system for digital cinema and conventional projectors with 3 kW to 10 kW xenon arc lamps, providing up to 2X the on-screen lumens of current projectors. These illuminators can provide brighter images for 3D and for the largest theater screens.

-- High-output, light-recycling 7-LED array for 3-panel DLP digital cinema projectors with outputs up to 8,000 lumens.

2) Flashlights, searchlights, spotlights and downlights

-- Ultra-bright, 15-Watt, MR-16 LED spot-type downlight without fan cooling.

-- Affordable, pocket-sized, narrow-beam, recycling LED flashlight with 1,500 equivalent-lumens output.

-- Special Operations, high-power, narrow-beam, recycling LED flashlight with 5,000 equivalent-lumens output available at www.frontgate.com website.

-- Ultra-bright, ultra-long-range, 10,000-lumen output, DPR search-light with ultra-narrow beam.

-- Ultra-narrow beam, ultra-long range, light-recycling LED lantern with 20,000 equivalent-lumens output.

-- Ultra-bright, 15-Watt, MR-16 LED spot light without cooling fan.

3) GOBO projectors (ultra-bright projectors of fixed images such as corporate logos)

-- Low-cost, maintenance-free 1,000-lumen output, light-recycling LED GOBO projector.

-- High-power, 6,000-lumen, 7-LED array, light-recycling GOBO projector.

-- Ultra-narrow beam, ultra-long range, ultra-bright DPR GOBO projector with less than 3-degree beam divergence.

These prototypes will enable potential licensees to develop a deeper understanding of the key features of Wavien's DPR and RLT technologies and their applicability to new product developments.

"Wavien is a technology research and development company working on illumination systems for digital projection, entertainment lighting systems, fiber optics, and architectural lighting. Light sources include arc lamps, LEDs, and lasers," stated Dr. Kenneth Li, President and CEO of Wavien, Inc., who is also the inventor of the DPR and RLT systems. Dr. Li added: "At this time, we have licensees of DPR and RLT systems in Taiwan. Wavien, a US-based and US-financed company, is also working with potential licensees in the United States, Japan, and other countries."

Wavien extends an invitation to interested parties to visit the Wavien booth in Las Vegas, South Hall Booth #22028 from January 6th to 9th, 2011. Please contact Harry Farrar for further details at 1.661.294.2900 ex 210

About Wavien, Inc.

Wavien, based in Valencia, California, is a technology licensing company developing long-life, high-performance light sources and engine prototypes for the projection and general lighting industries. Wavien currently offers its unique "Dual Paraboloid Reflector" ("DPR") technology using ultra-high-pressure arc lamps. Wavien also offers the LED illumination market improved brightness improvements with its RLT(TM) recycling and non-imaging optical technologies.

These technologies improve lamp life, brightness, and efficiency when teamed with applications in the projection display, fiber optics, entertainment, and general lighting markets.

DPR is a registered trademark of Wavien, Inc.

For more information, please visit www.wavien.com or contact the company.

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