WaveSurfer 510 Oscilloscope comes with 12.1 in. touch-screen display.

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Featuring MAUI with OneTouch gesture control for instinctive interaction, WaveSurfer 510 Oscilloscope delivers a sample rate of 10 GS/s simultaneously on all 4 channels. With 1 GHz bandwidth and 32 Mpts of memory, unit is equipped with variety of serial data protocol decoders and advanced active probes. Providing history mode waveform playback and 13 additional math functions, Product comes with LabNotebook documentation and report generation tool.

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Teledyne LeCroy's WaveSurfer 510 Oscilloscope Delivers Value-Packed Debug Punch

MAUI with OneTouch Gesture Control, 32 Mpts Memory, 10 GS/s Sample Rate, and Advanced Debug Tools Maximize Debug Speed and Power

Teledyne LeCroy today introduces the WaveSurfer 510 oscilloscope, providing 1 GHz bandwidth and 10 GS/s sample rate simultaneously on all 4 channels at a price of $12,900. The WaveSurfer 510 combines the MAUI® with OneTouch user interface with powerful waveform processing, in addition to advanced math, measurement, and debug tools, to quickly analyze and find the root cause of problems. The 12.1" touch-screen display of the WaveSurfer 510 is the largest in its class and makes viewing waveform abnormalities fast and easy.

MAUI with OneTouch Gesture Control

WaveSurfer 510 also features MAUI with OneTouch gesture control, which extends Teledyne LeCroy's long tradition of user-interface innovation. MAUI with OneTouch optimizes convenience and efficiency by enabling all common operations with a single touch of the display. MAUI with OneTouch has revolutionary drag-and-drop actions to copy and set up channels, math functions, and measurement parameters without lifting a finger.

Common gestures such as drag, drop, pinch, and flick facilitate instinctive interaction with the oscilloscope. The "Add New" button quickly enables a new channel, math, or measurement while traces turn off with a flick of a finger. MAUI with OneTouch delivers a unique set of touchscreen gestures that simplifies measurement setup and brings unsurpassed efficiency and intuitiveness to oscilloscope operation.

Capture, Debug, Analyze, Document

Easily accessible measurement, math, and debug tools; a wide variety of serial data protocol decoders; and a full complement of advanced active probes ensure the WaveSurfer 510 can capture and analyze any type of waveform and simplify the debug process. The LabNotebook documentation and report generation tool provides a fast way to save waveforms, save setups and screen images, report results, and view offline.

With its advanced debug tools, the WaveSurfer 510 is an unparalleled debug and analysis machine. The oscilloscope provides a high sample rate of 10 GS/s on all four channels, 32 Mpts of memory, sequence mode segmented memory, history mode waveform playback, 13 additional math functions, and two simultaneous math traces. As a result, WaveSurfer 510 performs advanced analysis on long captures with 10x oversampling to find the root cause of problems.

Maximum Value, Minimum Investment

Priced significantly less than other 1-GHz oscilloscopes and delivering significantly more performance with up to 10 GS/s per channel, the WaveSurfer 510 oscilloscope delivers incomparable value. Available immediately, the WaveSurfer 510 is $12,900.

For further information, engineers and technicians can contact Teledyne LeCroy at 1-800-553-2769 or visit teledynelecroy.com

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