Waveform Synthesis: Get the Best of AC and Inverter Seam Welding

WeldComputer Corporation, an innovator in the resistance welding industry, has developed an inverter-based seam welding system that delivers the benefits of DC inverter seam welding while maintaining the advantages of AC seam welding. Waveform Synthesis fashioning AC waveforms from inverter power supplies can deliver weld speed and quality enhancements by providing independent control of the current wave shape, current pulse width, current amplitude, and time between current pulses.

Benefits of this technology include having the ability to operate at welding speeds that are limited only by the process; the ability to adjust the amplitude of a weld impulse that is already in process; high immunity to power line frequency and voltage variations; and capability to retrofit directly to existing AC welding transformers.

WeldComputer Corporation can supply complete inverter welding systems conventional DC or with waveform synthesis technology or can provide an interface kit for existing inverters. Installation support, training, and resistance welding consulting services are also available. Standard welding controls are available as are high-performance WeldComputer® Adaptive Controls for more demanding applications.

WeldComputer Corporation is a manufacturer of advanced adaptive and conventional controls and monitors used to achieve resistance weld consistency and eliminate destructive testing.

For more information, please call 800-553-9353, visit www.weldcomputer.com or email sales@weldcomputer.com.

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