Waveform Digitizer offers 50 MS/s sampling.

Press Release Summary:

PCI-based, Model ATS850 provides 8-bit, 50 MS/s sampling on 2 simultaneous channels with fully programmable front-end and trigger circuitry. Input ranges are independently programmable from ±20 mV to ±20 V. Unit includes AC/DC coupling, 50 W/1 MW impedance on each of 2 channels, and 256 K points of acquisition memory per channel. Multiple Record mode allows pre- and post-trigger capability. Acquired data can be transferred to host PC memory using scatter-gather DMA.

Original Press Release:

50 MS/s PCI Digitizer Is OEM-Friendly

Montreal, Canada (December 1, 2003)
AlazarTech, the manufacturer of high performance, low cost PC Based Instruments, today announced the launch of its OEM-friendly ATS850 PCI-based waveform digitizer that provides 8-bit,
50 MS/s sampling on two simultaneous channels with a fully programmable front-end and trigger circuitry.

"We are proud to say that not only is the ATS850 the lowest cost product in its class, but it also outperforms waveform digitizers that are more than twice its price", stated Muneeb Khalid, President of AlazarTech.

One of the major challenges faced by the development team was that the ATS850 had to be priced low enough to justify a buy-versus-build decision by customers who wanted to embed a digitizer in their equipment. This challenge was met by
using AlazarTech's Acquisition System on Programmable Chip (ASoPC) technology.

ATS850 provides independently programmable input ranges from +/- 20 mV to +/- 20V, AC/DC coupling and 50W /1 MW impedance on each of its two channels. The sampling rate is also programmable from 50 MS/s down to 10 KS/s.

Users can capture signals from rapidly occurring triggers by using Multiple Record mode that allows both pre- and post-trigger capability. A 40-bit time stamp allows users to record the occurrence of each trigger event relative to all other triggers in a given session.

The standard model comes with 256K points of acquisition memory per channel. A high memory model with 16M points per channel will be available in Q1 of 2004. Acquired data can be transferred to the host PC memory using scatter-gather DMA
(bus mastering) that provides transfer rates in excess of 40 MB/s even under the Windows operating system.

The ATS850 digitizer is accompanied by ATScope software that allows the user to set up the digitizer, acquire signals and view and store them without writing a single line of programming code or drawing any diagrams.

OEMs can integrate the ATS850 into their own systems very easily using the Windows XP/2000/98SE compatible ATS-SDK Software Development Kit. This SDK includes sample programs written in C/C++ and VisualBASIC. A LabVIEW ® VI is also available.

Availability and Pricing
Product Availability Price
ATS850-256K Immediate $995
ATS850-16M 12 weeks $2,995
ATS-SDK Immediate $250
ATS-VI Immediate $250

For Further Information
For further information, contact Muneeb Khalid at (514) 633-0001 or via e-mail at muneeb@alazartech.com. Mailing address is AlazarTech, Inc., 1375, 32nd Avenue, Lachine, QC, Canada H8T 3H2.

About AlazarTech
AlazarTech, headquartered in Montreal, Canada, provides high performance, low cost PC Based Instruments and software for customers involved in building OEM products, manufacturing test systems and research and development.

AlazarTech serves the Test and Measurement market with its PCI waveform digitizers and is working on developing additional instrument product families.

The company's line of ATS850 waveform digitizers have been recognized by leading European and North American OEMs as being superior in quality to any other device on the market.

The company's products are used worldwide across diverse industries such as medical imaging, metal inspection and semiconductor test.

AlazarTech sells its products through an independent sales organization in North America, and internationally through a growing network of qualified distributors.

For more information on AlazarTech, visit www.alazartech.com.

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