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Waterproof Computers withstand food processing environments.

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Apr 11, 2014 - Based on 1.86 GHz Intel Atom Dual Core N2800 processor, Models TS-1710-15 and TS-1710-19 are suited for conditions that are wet, dirty, and filled with airborne particles. Fanless stainless steel units are fully IP66 rated with IP65 rated I/O cables so they can be hosed down and treated with cleaning agents frequently. Made with tempered glass, resistive touch screen is sealed with rubber gaskets. Harsh screen viewing conditions are overcome with WXGA resolution, LCD, and CCFL backlight.

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New Waterproof Computers Made to Get Dirty: Teguar Introduces new Waterproof Computers for Food Processing and Manufacturing

Press release date: Apr 11, 2014

Charlotte – A new line of stainless steel waterproof computers has been introduced by Teguar Computers.  The TS-1710-15 and TS-1710-19  are the newest additions to the NEMA 4/IP65 Rated waterproof family of Teguar Computers.  These stainless steel computers are made for food manufacturing and other applications where conditions are wet, dirty and filled with airborne particles.  Dairy, produce and beverage industries are a few applications they are designed for.

TS-1710-19 Waterproof Computer
The TS-1710 series waterproof computers are fully IP66 rated with IP65 rated I/O cables so that they can be hosed downed and treated with cleaning agents frequently.  Anti-vibration HDD and a wide temperature range that can be extended from 0 ° to 50° Celsius are included for the TS-1710 series to withstand the rigors of the production line.  Optional stands, VESA mounts, and side mounts can be used to place these waterproof computers in desired configurations.  The resistive touch screen is sealed with rubber gaskets and made with tempered glass. Harsh screen viewing conditions are overcome with WXGA resolution, a LCD display and CCFL backlight.

The sealed waterproof computers provide external protection for an updated configuration inside.  The 1.86 GHz Intel Atom Dual Core N2800 Processor includes a hyper threading feature allowing it to run twice as many threads with up to 4 GB memory. Power consumption of the processor is low, and combined with a fanless computer design it is an energy consumption conscious product. Custom options include LAN, WLAN, Bluetooth, stainless steel mounting brackets and IP65 extension cables.  

Using waterproof industrial computers where needed will increase process operational efficiency.  Ruggedized Waterproof PCs are made for harsh conditions such as those found in food manufacturing.  These industry computers are made to be put on the line, mucked up then washed down day in and day out.  The TS-1710-15 Waterproof Computer  and the TS-1710-19 Waterproof Computer are now available.  For more information please contact Teguar sales team at call 1 800 970 7715 or visit

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Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, Teguar is a leading provider of custom fully enclosed, fanless, waterproof, and medical grade touch screen 24/7 specialized computer solutions.  Teguar computers are designed to perform in extreme environments including clean rooms, outdoor in all weather types, oil rigs and manufacturing floors. Our dynamic and experienced team keeps pace with changing industry trends whether in industrial automation, food, medical or digital signage applications. We also ensure that our staff is up to date with the most innovative technology and always offer state-of-the art solutions to meet the fast changing market demands. With Teguar’s hardware, customers can build a reliable system and experience a fast Return of Investment.

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