Waterjet Trimming System comes with robot controller.

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Designed for waterjet trimming of headliners, carpets, dashboards, and insulation products in automotive interior industry, Cutting Box Original V can be customized to meet specific trimming needs, and comes with IRC5 robot controller for single and multi move operation. System can be equipped with 6 different and pre-designed robot configurations. It features HMI, tailor-made vacuum systems, and WaterjetWare robot software that helps customers reduce online programming time.

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KMT Robotic Solutions' Introduces the Original V - The Next Generation Robotic Waterjet Trimming System

Ronneby, Sweden, September 12, 2007 - KMT Robotic Solutions, the Robotic Business Area of the KMT Group and the world leader in supplying turnkey, robotic waterjet trimming systems, today introduced the 5th generation of the widely used Cutting Box Original concept - the Cutting Box Original V. The Cutting Box Original concept is used by the
automotive interior industry around the world for waterjet trimming of headliners, carpets, dashboards and insulation products. Well over 450 systems have been delivered during the past 20 years and with the Cutting Box Original V,KMT Robotic Solutions have taken another step to help our customers increase their profit with higher productivity and lower maintenance cost.

The Cutting Box Original V is fully compatible with the previous Original IV series allowing fixtures and programs to be exchanged between the systems. New innovations include an improved Human Machine Interface (HMI), a complete family of tailor-made vacuum systems for specific needs, enhanced stiffness in the mechanical structure to further guarantee high accuracy in the trimming process and design improvements to ease maintenance and refurbishment.

The Cutting Box Original V can be customized to meet specific trimming needs. It comes equipped with the latest IRC5 robot controller from ABB offering both single and multi move operation. The Cutting Box Original V can be equipped with six different and pre-designed robot configurations providing customers with more original equipment choices and retrofit alternatives. The KMT Robotic Solutions unique WaterjetWare robot software that helps customers reduce online programming time comes as standard.

With the introduction of the Cutting Box Original V - KMT Robotic Solutions is also proud to launch Sponder and Geometrix. These are two extended features that will further enhance the customer uptime and quality of the products produced. Sponder is a revolutionary new IT system for continuous process control, system maintenance planning, failure detection and electronic system documentation storage. Sponder also enables live technical support via the internet, giving certified KMT system technicians the ability to see (via a live video stream) and communicate with plant
floor maintenance personnel to quickly resolve any issues. Sponder captures the events, alarms and production data from machines and reports them to administrators so they can analyze and possibly improve production.

Historically, all robots regardless of brands have always had the problem of trimming small circles with tolerances less than ±0,1mm. In some applications, this has limited the possibility of using a robot in a waterjet application to achieve
the desired tolerances for small circles. With the introduction of the Cutting Box Original V - KMT Robotic Solutions now launches the Geometrix function. Geometrix is a flexible and user friendly software package that will allow customers to trim small circles to the tolerances required for products like instrument panels and headliners.


KMT is a leading producer of advanced production solutions in Waterjet Cutting, recision Grinding, and Robotic Solutions for engineered products. Industries served include aerospace, appliance, automotive, composites, bath/shower, consumer goods, marine and plastics. KMT creates value through precision - from design and delivery to
the customer's end product. KMT is traded on the Nordic Mid-cap list of the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

KMT Robotic Solutions was formed in December 2006 by the merger of former KMT Cutting Systems AB in Ronneby, Sweden and former Robotic Production Technology in Auburn Hills, MI USA. Combined, the group has more than 1,500 systems installed around the world and more than 30 years of experience developing, designing, building, servicing and supporting robotic automation solutions for manufacturing customers. With locations in Europe, United States and China, KMT Robotic Solutions is strategically positioned to serve the global market.


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Mats Sandgren
CEO KMT Robotic Solutions Ronneby
Phone: +46-708-324-562


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