Waterjet Cutting Tool is designed with few parts.

Press Release Summary:

IDE(TM) (Integrated Diamond Eductor) Assembly abrasive waterjet cutting head combines head body, orifice, and mixing chamber into one piece, which eliminates guesswork on individual piece wear and tear. It is based on coalescing plenum design for mixing of water and abrasive that minimizes jet stream disruption. Permanently mounted diamond orifice helps prevent mis-alignment or breakage.

Original Press Release:

The IDE(TM) Assembly Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Head - 10-20 Times Greater Performance!

KMT Waterjet introduces their latest entry in cutting edge technology; a virtually indestructible cutting tool.
The new IDE(TM) (Integrated Diamond Eductor) Assembly features advances in cutting head simplicity,
performance and quality.

The IDE(TM) Assembly cutting head is designed with the fewest possible parts. The head body, orifice and mixing
chamber are combined into one piece which eliminates guesswork on individual piece wear and tear, reduces inventory
of multiple parts and simplifies the head mounting.

The longer life, permanently mounted diamond orifice has 0% chance for mis-alignment or breakage making it nearly
indestructible. The design is based on a "coalescing plenum" for effective and efficient mixing of water and abrasive,
thereby minimizing jet stream disruption for maximum energy in the waterjet stream resulting in 10-20 times greater
performance (when compared to ruby cutting head assemblies) and guaranteed to last beyond 500 hours!

The IDE(TM) Assembly delivers a superior edge quality by providing a more consistent stream for a longer amount of
time, extending the focusing tube life and providing a better, more consistent edge reducing scrap and eliminating

The IDE(TM) Assembly is a breakthrough in simplicity and performance!

For more information, please contact:
Wiktor Stepien, KMT Vice President of Sales and Marketing (620) 856-6277

Kelley Caywood, KMT Waterjet Marketing Communications (620) 856-6214


KMT is a leading producer of advanced production solutions in Waterjet Cutting, Precision Grinding, and Sheet Metal Working for engineered products.
KMT solutions are found primarily in the automotive, electronics, and household appliance industries. KMT creates value through precision - from design
and delivery to the customer's end product. KMT is traded on the O list of the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

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