Waterjet Cutting System is designed for soft materials.

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Intended for pure water jet cutting applications, Baseline BL-I10 pump and pressurized delivery system targets OEMs whose customers need flow rate and pressure for processing soft materials such as paper, foam, plastic, rubber, gaskets, textiles, and food. It is powered by integral, electric motor-driven, hydraulic pump feeding high-pressure circuit. Intensifier supplies water at 50,000 psi through accumulator to one cutting head that has 0.10, 0.12, or 0.15 mm jewel orifice in nozzle.

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Economical Water Jet Cutting of Soft Materials

For pure water jet cutting applications, KMT has introduced a new, competitively priced pump and pressurised delivery system. It is aimed at OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) whose customers need relatively low flow rate and pressure for processing soft materials like paper, foam, plastic, rubber, gaskets, textiles and food.

Called Baseline BL-I10, the unit is powered by an integral, electric motor-driven, hydraulic pump feeding a high-pressure circuit. The intensifier supplies water at 3,500 bar (50,000 psi) through an accumulator to a single cutting head having a 0.10, 0.12 or 0.15 mm jewel orifice in the nozzle.

Electronic shift design and pressure compensation allow the OEM's programmable logic controller (PLC) to control, monitor and protect the operation of the pump and stabilise the pressure for high quality cutting. Included in the KMT package are a heat exchanger to cool the hydraulic oil and water, and a safety dump valve on the pump to relieve system pressure in the case of shutdown.

Pure water jet applications, rather than those involving the addition of abrasive, are the province of the versatile Baseline BL-I10. Typical one-dimensional applications on production lines might include edge trimming or cross cutting.

Adding a second controlled axis allows shapes to be profiled, such as prototype leather uppers for shoes. Large volume production applications are equally cost effective, a typical example being cutting of frozen fish into sea horses or stars rather than sticks to make products more attractive.

Cutting with water only produces a smaller kerf than when abrasive is used. Compared with some other machining operations, a significant benefit of water jet cutting per se is that no side forces are imparted to the material, so complicated workpiece fixturing is not needed.

KMT, the world's largest manufacturer of water jet pump systems, manufactures its high-pressure components, pipework and fittings from stainless steel and offers a 750 litre booster tank, allowing it to provide optimal solutions for 1D, 2D and 3D cutting applications. The high level of after-sales service provided to customers worldwide differentiates the company from its competitors.

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