Waterjet Cutting Head has quick-change orifice design.

Press Release Summary:

Autoline II(TM) abrasive cutting head is designed for quick, tool-less orifice changes. Size and placement of wear insert accelerates replacement, and abrasive inlet facilitates connection of abrasive feed line. Weep hole indicates whether orifice is seated correctly. While ideal ratio between focusing tube and orifice is 3:1, using 2.2:1 or 2:1 ratio allows faster cutting at cost of shorter focusing tube life. Product uses abrasive efficiently for optimal cut speeds.

Original Press Release:

KMT's Waterjet Cutting Head Updated for Ease of Use -Still Most Efficient!

KMT Waterjet introduced the new Autoline II(TM) abrasive cutting head at the IMTS show in Chicago. The new cutting head maintains all of the same features which earned it the position as the number one performing head (in terms of overall efficiency and cutting performance), as tested against nine other heads by the University of Missouri-Rolla, however, has new features which make it even easier to use.

Shajan Chacko, one of the lead engineers behind the new cutting head, said that some of the key new features include a weep hole to indicate whether the orifice is seated correctly, a larger and relocated wear insert for quicker replacement, and a new abrasive inlet for easier connection of the abrasive feed line.

The new cutting head is designed for rapid, quick changes of the orifice, without tools, making it very easy to use larger orifice sizes with narrower focusing tubes for emphasis on faster cutting rather than efficiency. The ideal ratio between focusing tube and orifice is 3:1, however, using a 2.2:1 or 2:1 ratio will allow faster cutting at the expense of shorter focusing tube life. For example, overall it is more efficient to use a .007" orifice with a 0.021" focusing tube. However, substituting a larger orifice allows more water and more energy into the head for faster cutting. The AUTOLINE II(TM) makes it possible to change the orifice very quickly.

All of the features were added while still protecting the efficient cutting performance and reliability. The AUTOLINE II(TM) efficiently uses abrasive to maximize cut speeds.

For more information, please contact:
John Dedic, KMT Waterjet Marketing Manager (620) 856-6239
Kelley Caywood, KMT Waterjet Marketing Communications (620) 856-6214

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