Waterfed System enables safe high-access window cleaning.

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Consisting of aluminum pole with hose connector and internal hose, HiFlo Plus Waterfed Pole System enables users to clean windows above ground level while remaining on ground. Top section of pole is angled to create optimal point of contact between brush and window. To prevent damage from occurring when pole is not in use, opening of internal hose is located above pole grip. Available in 15 or 23 ft sizes, pole can be adjusted to desired length using locking collars.

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Unger Enterprises Introduces HiFlo Plus Waterfed Pole System

Brush Away Dirt Using State-of-the-Art Internal Water Feed Technology

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (January 23, 2007) - Unger Enterprises, Inc. today announced the introduction of its HiFlo Plus Waterfed Pole System, a new window cleaning system that provides safe high-access cleaning using water through an internal hose.

"Waterfed technology, combined with a high access pole, is a safe and highly effective way to clean windows above ground level," said Bruno Niklaus, vice president of global marketing, Unger Enterprises. "By using a cleaning pole that sprays water and extends up to 23 feet, there is less water waste and workers can remain safely on the ground."

The HiFlo Plus Waterfed Pole System is based on Unger's Tele-Pole system and features a lightweight aluminium pole consisting of a standard hose connector and an internal hose. The internal hose delivers clean water up to the Unger HiFlo Brush which attaches easily to the brush mounting plate. The HiFlo Brush (sold separately) is available in sizes 11" & 16" and is made of fiber bristles specifically designed for pure water cleaning which rinse out easily to avoid streaking. The top section of the HiFlo Plus Pole is angled to create the perfect point of contact between the brush and the window. To prevent damage from occurring when the pole is not in use, the opening of the internal hose is located above the pole grip. The HiFlo Plus Pole, which is available in two sizes, 15 or 23 feet, can be easily adjusted to the desired length using strong locking collars.

"There is no other window cleaning system on the market like it," Niklaus added. "The HiFlo Plus Waterfed Pole System provides workers with a safe, highly productive solution for high-access window cleaning."

About Unger Enterprises, Inc.
An international company with offices in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Sweden and India, Unger was founded in 1964 and supplies professional cleaning tools to more than 80 countries worldwide.

Unger develops high quality, innovative cleaning tools and is dedicated to providing superior customer service and value added distributor support. For more information about Unger, please visit www.ungerglobal.com, or dial 1- 800-431-2324.

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