Water Treatment System provides continuous deionized water.

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Self-contained, skid-mounted ADVANCED AMBERPACK ADI-60 includes flat head service vessels, regeneration system, rinse recycle pump, PLC automation, and optional membrane degasification system. It can be delivered in shipping container or trailer and plugged in on-site to produce continuous flow of deionized water with up to 98% water yield for power, chemical, paper, and electronics industries. System eliminates up to 32 million gallons of waste water per year.

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New, More Efficient Water Treatment System Now Available From Rohm and Haas

Philadelphia, PA, June 21, 2004-Rohm and Haas Company (NYSE:ROH) today announced the introduction of a new, modular ion exchange-based water deionization system that makes it even easier for water management experts to provide a continuous flow of pure, deionized water for industrial use in the power, chemical, petrochemical, paper and electronics industries.

Based on more than 50 years of water treatment experience, Rohm and Haas has designed a self-contained, skid-mounted deionization system that can be delivered to customers in a standard shipping container or trailer, easily plugged in on-site, and able to produce a continuous flow of deionized water with up to 98 percent water yield. The company estimates that this system, called the ADVANCED AMBERPACK ADI-60 system, can eliminate 32 million gallons of waste water a year (or roughly enough water for 100,000 families for one day), compared with a typical reverse osmosis system found in use today.

For many waters, product water quality is <0.5 uS/cm with <20 part per billion (N
The ADVANCED AMBERPACK ADI-60 system comes as a complete skid-mounted deionization module and includes novel flat head service vessels, regeneration system, rinse recycle pump, PLC automation, and an optional membrane degasification system. The entire system footprint fits into a standard shipping container/mobile trailer. ADVANCED AMBERPACK system combines the robustness of Rohm and Haas Company's traditional AMBERPACK systems with patented fractal distribution technology developed by Amalgamated Research Inc. The result is a truly unique, modular, ion exchange device.

For more technical information about the ADVANCED AMBERPACK ADI-60 system, visit the AMBEREDGE website, www.amberedge.com or 1.800.RHAMBER.

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Rohm and Haas, worldwide producer of specialty chemicals, is a $6.4 billion company with more than 100 plants and research facilities in 27 countries. The Coatings business group is the company's largest business unit, manufacturing a wide range of acrylic, acrylic-styrene and vinyl-acrylic binders, rheology modifiers, dispersants, opaque polymers, colorants and other products that are used in architectural and industrial paints, coatings and building products. More information about the company is available at the company's website, www.rohmhaas.com.

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