Water Treatment Preventative Maintenance

Your municipality relies on your water treatment plant to safeguard its water supply. Your plant is a sophisticated complex, and the preventative procedures you perform keep it running smoothly. Your back-up and comprehensive monitoring and alarm systems provide further protection for this vital facility.

More than likely you have an automatic centrifugal clutch to soft start your standby diesel during a power interruption. The clutch you depend on to start the diesel may be in excess of 20 years old. When was it last serviced? Do you have the original manual and parts book? Are you prepared for a clutch failure?

The simplest solution is to have a spare clutch on standby.

Many of the automatic centrifugal clutches working in today's water treatment plants were built by BLM, the only Canadian company that designs and manufactures such a large range of centrifugal clutches. BLM can meet your centrifugal clutch requirements. The modular design permits easy service, inspection and maintenance. Replacement parts are easily installed. More importantly, BLM clutches are proven durable because many have been working in water treatment plants just like yours for more than 30 years.

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