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Water Treatment Devices use controlled ozone or chemical dosage.

Press Release Summary:

Jun 09, 2016 - Supplied with stand for 500–2,500 gal tanks, O3-TA utilizes Ozone Control panel that produces 30–60 g/hr of ozone for transfer into liquid. Other features include regenerative blower, equipment control panel, turbine diffuser, and Ozone Generator. For dosing chemical into a treatment process, automated MX-TA employs vortex and flash mixing process that ensures complete mixing. Components include automated pH controlled chemical pump, turbine diffuser, control panel, and equipment stand.

Original Press Release

See Water, Inc. Introduces Water Treatment Devices

Press release date: Jun 08, 2016

See Water, Inc., an industry leading manufacturer of pump control and liquid alarm systems for the water and wastewater industry, debuts a brand new line of water treatment devices. The treatment line includes the O3-TA which utilizes Ozone and the MX-TA which employs chemical dosing.

The O3-TA is an easy to install treatment package designed to efficiently transfer Ozone into liquid. The treatment package utilizes an innovative Ozone Control panel, manufactured by See Water, which produces 30-60 grams of ozone per hour. The assembly stand can accommodate most tanks from 500 to 2500 gallons. Included with the O3-TA is a regenerative blower, equipment control panel, turbine diffuser, equipment stand assembly, and the Ozone Generator.

Additionally, the MX-TA is a chemical mixing treatment package is the ideal solution for dosing chemical into a treatment process. The chemical mixing package includes an automated pH controlled chemical pump, turbine diffuser, control panel and equipment stand assembly. As liquid enters the tank, the system will function automatically and a prescribed flow of chemistry will be added into the tank. The vortex and flash mixing process will create the perfect environment that ensures complete mixing while the dose is controlled by pH or other specified parameters.

Each of the products that comprise the treatment packages may be purchased as standalone devices. This allows for the flexibility to meet specifications or to incorporate into an OEM treatment system. Typical applications for the treatment devices include: wineries, breweries, stormwater collection discharge, and industrial clarifiers.

See Water, Inc. has defined its brand with quality pre-engineered control panels for commercial, industrial, and utility markets since 1995. See Water strives to create innovative solutions for the wastewater industry and engineering communities.