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WaterCAD(R) 5.0 water system management solution allows users to evaluate different capital improvements and rehabilitation options based on hydraulic impact, water quality implications, and cost before implementing them. It includes software for hydraulics, diagnostic tools, geographic information management, and energy cost analysis. Darwin(TM)Calibrator's genetic algorithms automatically calibrate pipe roughness, demands, and pipe and valve status.

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Haestad Methods' WaterCAD(R)5.0 Delivers Cost-Saving Solutions

WATERBURY, CT, USA - February 18, 2002 - Haestad Methods today announced the release of WaterCAD 5.0, the latest addition to its award-winning family of software solutions for the water resources industry. With the release of version 5.0, Haestad Methods has further solidified its position as the undisputed leader of the water modeling industry and continues to be the top choice for major water utilities around the world.

WaterCAD 5.0 promises to deliver a rapid return on investment to water authorities and consultants with its unique combination of cutting-edge hydraulics, system diagnostic tools, geographic information management, and energy cost analysis capabilities.

Version 5.0 offers a complete water system management solution that will increase efficiency and streamline workflow, resulting in significant cost savings. Users can quickly evaluate different capital improvements and rehabilitation options based on their hydraulic impact, water quality implications, and cost before actually implementing them. They can also leverage a suite of new energy management features to calculate and develop cost projections for a full range of pump control schemes and identify the most economical operational strategy.

"Users of WaterCAD can make accurate comparisons between constant-speed and variable-speed pumps to determine if the energy cost savings will pay for the cost of the variable-speed drives," said Dr. Thomas Walski, Vice President of Engineering for Haestad Methods. "With energy costs on the order of $40,000 per year for a single 1,000 gpm pump, WaterCAD can provide enormous opportunities for water utilities to save money."

Modeling with WaterCAD provides those responsible for designing, operating, and analyzing water systems with an indispensable decision- support tool. "A well-calibrated model of your distribution system will easily pay for itself in realized cost savings from reduced energy usage, capital improvement, and smart decision making," Walski continued.

A few of the ground-breaking new features in WaterCAD 5.0 include:

Darwin(TM)Calibrator--Available for WaterCAD 5.0, the Darwin Calibrator harnesses the power of genetic algorithms to automatically calibrate pipe roughness, demands, and pipe and valve status simultaneously. Darwin streamlines the time-consuming model calibration process by evolving and testing millions of solutions, and then identifies those that best simulate the system.

Variable-Speed Pumping (VSP) with Automatic Parameter Estimation eXtension (APEX) Technology--Allows modelers to truly mimic the behavior of variable-speed pumps. With APEX technology, the pump speed is automatically adjusted over time to maintain a user-specified condition in the system such as a constant pressure or tank level.

Energy Cost Analysis--Gives users the ability to compute the cost of pump operation based on any energy tariff. Engineers can accurately estimate energy costs for constant-speed and variable-speed pumps and examine the trade-offs between energy costs and the capital costs required to improve pump efficiency. The feature also accounts for peak demand charges and adjusts the reported daily energy cost based on the effects of storage within the network.

Logical Rule-Based Controls--Provide greater flexibility and functionality than Simple Controls, giving engineers enhanced ability to dictate the behavior of their system. Operators and engineers can now realistically emulate PLCs and other pump controllers.

System Head Curve Generation--Users now have the ability to automatically generate system head curves, which can be used to find the appropriate pump size for the system or to find the operating point for an existing pump.

ClientCare(TM) Upgrade Protection Program:
ClientCare subscribers automatically receive WaterCAD 5.0 as part of their software maintenance and support package. The ClientCare Upgrade Protection program provides clients with up-to-date modeling advancements, including automatic software updates and upgrades, access to the online KnowledgeBase, and special promotions and discounts on new products and training. Offered in one- and two-year subscriptions, ClientCare makes it possible for modelers to plan annually for their software needs.

About Haestad Methods: Haestad Methods is the world's leading provider of software for the design and analysis of water resources systems including water distribution, stormwater, and sanitary sewer infrastructure. Founded in 1979, Haestad Methods provides more than 115,000 civil engineers in over 170 countries with hydrologic and hydraulic computer modeling applications, continuing education workshops, and computer-assisted textbooks

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