Water Sampler meets requirements of Stormwater program.

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SWS-201 Stormwater Sampler takes first flush sample in one bottle and time-weighted composite sample in second bottle. It consists of rainproof, lockable carrying enclosure, two 4000 ml polyethylene sample bottles, 2 peristaltic sampling pumps, logic timer/controller, water sensor, and rechargeable, gel-cell battery. Water sensor controls sampler, and triggers sampler based on rainfall or raise in water level in storm drain.

Original Press Release:

SWS-201 Storm Water Sampler

The SWS-201 Stormwater Sampler is designed specifically to meet the sampling requirements of the Stormwater program. The SWS-201 Sampler takes a "first flush" sample in one bottle and a "time weighted" composite sample in the second bottle, to meet the guidelines. It is actually two samplers in one: it consists of two intake tubes, two sampling pumps and two bottles, which
eliminates any possibility of cross contamination between the first flush and the composite sample. The SWS-201 Stormwater Sampler is easily set up and installed in any stormwater channel to take and store physical water samples throughout the storm event. The SWS-201 Stormwater Sampler consists of a rugged, rainproof lockable carrying enclosure. Inside the enclosure are
two 4000 ml polyethylene sample bottles for first flush and composite samples, two peristaltic sampling pumps, the logic timer/controller, the water sensor, and a rechargeable gel cell battery. Also provided is the rain gauge, two sample pickup hoses and a battery charger. Everything you need is provided for a successful sampling program. The SWS-201 Stormwater Sampler
is controlled by the water sensor. The water sensor can be used to trigger the sampler based on rainfall or raise in water level in the storm drain. The internal rechargeable battery will power the sampler for several months and/or for several storm events. Each sample bottle is equipped with a float switch which automatically turns off the sampler pump if the bottle becomes
full. The Sampler is provided with a 10 cm (4") cylindrical raingauge. The water sensor may be positioned in the raingauge to trigger the sampler after a preset amount of rainfall. Total rainfall for the event is also measured by the raingauge. The Sampler is not damaged by water or moisture or severe environmental conditions. All parts may be washed with soap and water.

Price is $995.

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