Water Jet Company in Texas Hill Country Adds Touch of Class to Local Building

Aqua Power Cutting of Blanco Texas introduces the world to a new way to style and touch-up bland buildings and structures. Custom stone designs add style and pizzazz to buildings, signs, entry ways, and everything you can think of.

With the help of a local builder, APC provided the Blanco Police station with some eye catching architectural detail. APC used their water jet capabilities to cut a stylized Texas flag from multiple rocks each a different color and thicknesses of 4.5".

BLANCO, Texas (April 19, 2010) - APC uses a FLOW I6012 which has a 6'x12' cutting area. The water jet will cut virtually any material up to 8" thick using water pressurized to 60,000 PSI. With multiple material cutting capabilities such as aluminum for aerospace, stainless steel for automobiles, mild steel for machine shops, or stone and glass for your household projects, APC is the company for all your cutting needs. They have a creative graphic design team who can spruce up your project with our idea or yours. Not only can APC do artistic work but all your engineered CNC water-jet needs as well. They accept Adobe Illustrator files, DXF, and DWG AUTO-CAD formats.

APC was established in 2008 by brothers BJ and Thadius Millard. The company offers abrasive water jet services worldwide and is located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. For more information you can visit APC on the web at www.aquapowercutting.com.

Or by phone (830) 833-AQUA (2782), fax (830) 833-2916. Contact BJ at bj@apcutting.com or Thadius at thadius@apcutting.com.

Have a new building or existing building that needs something but you don't know what? Try a custom rock cutout for the front of your building. APC has the rock cutting capabilities you need for your building or project. Address markers, stone inlays, or custom designs APC can deliver what you need.

When it comes time for change either from new building or a remodel catching the eye of the beholder is the key. A simple stone front can easily be spiced up by adding a custom rock cutout.

It"s not only stone that can add spruce to your display. Ornamental materials such as aluminum or stainless steel can be used to set off displays or addresses.

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