Water Jet cleans tanks fast.

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Model NLB 3750-40-20K water jet head operates at pressures up to 20,000 psi, reducing tank cleaning time. Two high-velocity water jets mount on rotating head. Flow of high-pressure water causes water jets to spin vertically and head to spin horizontally, resulting in complete 3D coverage of tank interior. Head can be attached to telescoping lance, so no personnel need to enter tank. It can remove everything from paint and chemicals to coke.

Original Press Release:

New 20,000 psi Water Jet Head Cleans Tanks Faster

WIXOM, MICH.DEC. 10, 2001. A new, self-rotating water jet head from NLB Corp. operates at higher pressures than previous models (up to 20,000 psi, or 1,400 bar), and reduces tank cleaning time by hours. The NLB 3750-40-20K has a flow rate of 13 to 40 gpm (49.3 to 151.5 Lpm).

All NLB 3-D heads feature two high-velocity water jets, mounted on a rotating head. The flow of high-pressure water causes the water jets to spin vertically and the head to spin horizontally, resulting in complete three-dimensional coverage of the tank interior. In large vessels, the head is generally attached to a telescoping lance, so that no personnel need to enter the tank.

NLB offers a wide range of lances, heads and high-pressure pumps, to remove everything from paint and chemicals to hardened coke. NLB's other 3-D heads are rated to 8,000 psi and 13,000 psi (550 and 900 bar). Rotation speeds are variable, to suit the application. Most heads are available in bronze, stainless steel or lightweight aluminum. more. 2/New 20,000 psi water jet head cleans tanks faster, 12/10/01

One NLB customer using the new 3750-40-20K head is now removing urethane from reactors in half the time. A job that took 10 hours at 10,000 psi (700 bar), including touch-up with a hand lance, is now done in just five hours, and no manual touch-up is necessary.

NLB, a leader in high-pressure and ultra-high pressure water jet technology, manufactures a full line of quality water jetting systems and accessories for many uses, including tank cleaning, paint and product removal, industrial cleaning, surface preparation, descaling, concrete demolition, abrasive cutting, and more.

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