Water Heaters offer capacities of 1-25 million btu/hr.

Press Release Summary:

Direct-contact, gas-fired Flo-Direct water heaters are all stainless steel units suited for variety of hot-water applications. Offering heat transfer efficiencies of 98% or greater, units are NSF 5 certified for all food grade water and can operate well with poor water quality. Typical applications include laundries, batch food processes, washdown, parts washers, concrete plants, and boiler makeup water.

Original Press Release:

Flo-Direct Contact Gas-Fired Water Heaters

Flo-Direct, direct contact gas-fired water heaters are high efficiency, compact, all-stainless steel units that are simple in design and operation and suitable for a wide variety of hot-water applications. With capacities from 1 million to as high as 25 million btu per hour, these units can offer fuel savings of 15% to 40% over conventional means of heating water.

Features Include:
o Small footprint for space savings
o 98% or greater heat transfer efficiencies
o Simple installation and operation
o Ease of maintenance
o Ability to operate well with poor water quality
o All units are NSF 5 certified for all food grade water

Typical Applications:
o Laundries
o Batch food processes
o Washdown
o Parts washers
o Drying operations
o Gang showers
o Concrete plants
o Boiler makeup water

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