Water Heater has double-wall heat exchanger.

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Constantemp heater provides instantaneous hot water at desired temperature. Heat exchanger consists of tube within tube, with air space in between to prevent contamination of potable water by toxic heating substance. Feed-forward blending device ensures hot- and cold-water blend ratio is accurately proportioned to maintain set temperature for flow demands up to 7,200 gph. Integrated fail-safe system prevents overheating/scalding.

Original Press Release:

New! Leslie Constantemp Double Wall Heater

Leslie Controls' Constantemp heater is now available with a double wall heat exchanger. For more than 35 years Leslie's Constantemp Steam Water Heaters have provided instant hot water, always at the correct temperature. When plumbing codes call for a double wall heat exchanger, the double wall Constantemp is the perfect solution. Double wall heat exchangers consist of a tube within a tube, with an air space in between, to prevent contamination of potable water by a toxic heating substance. The heat exchanger transfers energy from very low steam pressures and delivers hot water with accurate temperatures. The feed-forward blending device ensures that the hot and cold water blend ratio is accurately proportioned to maintain the set temperature for all flow demands. Increased efficiency is obtained by blending the water instantly and the fail-safe system prevents overheating or scalding.

The Constantemp meets high capacity demands, with an output of up to 7,200 gallons per hour. Large storage tanks can be replaced by the compact Constantemp, which easily fits through a standard doorway. Skid mount systems are also available.

For information about the new double wall Constantemp Heater, or for more information on Leslie Controls, Inc. products or services, contact Leslie Sales at (800) 439-4485 or sales@lesliecontrols.com. Leslie Controls, Inc. is a global manufacturer of control valves, solenoid valves, butterfly valves, regulators, steam water heaters, strainers and accessories. Leslie Controls, Inc. is a division of Circor International, a NYSE Company.

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