Water Deaerators optimize boiler feed water.

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Providing capacities from 3,500-51,750 lb/hr, Tray and Spray Feed Water Deaerators reduce residual oxygen level in make-up water to below 7 ppm or .005 cc per liter. Carbon dioxide is virtually zero, optimizing boiler feed water and minimizing chemical usage. Deaerators incorporate electronic features and have few moving parts.

Original Press Release:

Parker Boiler Launches New Tray & Spray Feed Water Deaerators

SUBJECT: Parker Boiler launches new Tray & Spray Feed water Deaerators for improved boiler feed water and increase efficiency

Parker Boiler launched its new line of tray & spray feed water deaerators from capacities of 3,500-51,750 lbs/hr. These deaerators reduce the residual oxygen level in make-up water to below 7ppm or .005cc per liter. CO2 is virtually zero thus improving boiler feed water and reducing chemical usage. Using these deaerators also increase energy savings. The water deaerator incorporates a number of electronic features, which makes it unique on the market, more modern with fewer moving parts, simpler and easier to operate.

Mike Leeming, National Sales Manager said, "Improving the quality of the water feed to a boiler is of key concern to the industrial boiler marketplace. Anything that increases overall system efficiency is important in today market place." More information on the Dearator or other Parker Boiler products please visit our web site at www.parkerboiler.com/catalog/catalog.htm

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Parker Boiler manufactures a full range of steam boilers, hot water boilers, thermal liquid heaters, indirect water heaters, low NOx burners, water softeners, feedwater return systems, feedwater deaerators, blowoff tanks, storage tanks and boiler room accessories.

For more information, please contact Mike Leeming Tel 323-727-9800 Telephone or Fax 323-722-2848 or email sales@parkerboiler.com Please visit www.parkerboiler.com

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