Water Cleanup System produces irrigation/potable quality output.

Press Release Summary:

With minimal operator supervision, ECOPOD System 1.0 successfully treats produced water and recycles it into irrigation-quality water for local reuse. This complete and modular system, which can process 340 barrels/day of oilfield-produced water, uses Electro Water Separation™ (EWS) and does not require any chemicals. Solution is based in commercial-scale P3000, designed to treat up to 3000 barrels per day, complemented by additional scrubbing and polishing steps.

Original Press Release:

OriginClear Licensee Unveils Produced Water Cleanup Site at Industry Conference in Bakersfield

"Produced water to irrigation grade" achieved in a single modular system, now operating in Kern County near Bakersfield.

LOS ANGELES -- OriginClear Inc. (OTC/QB: OCLN), a leading provider of water treatment solutions, today announced that an OriginClear licensee will unveil a complete, modular system ("ECOPOD") – now in operation at an oil field near Bakersfield, California – to clean up produced water. The ECOPOD pilot scale system uses OriginClear's Electro Water Separation™ (EWS), requires no chemicals and reliably processes 340 barrels per day of oilfield produced water with minimal operator supervision.

Talbott Howard, CEO and Founder of OriginClear licensee ECT Services & Solutions (ECT), will unveil ECOPOD System 1.0 at today's "Tackling the Drought: Exploring Safe, Innovative Water Sources" conference at California State University at Bakersfield (CSUB), sponsored by the California Independent Petroleum Association and the California Energy Research Center.

Mr. Howard will show how ECOPOD System 1.0 can successfully and competitively treat produced water and recycle it into irrigation quality water for local beneficial reuse.

"Our own Dr. Cabrales of the Department of Physics and Engineering began working with OriginClear to research and validate its technology for oil and gas water cleanup," said Robert M. Negrini, Ph.D., Director of CSUB California Energy Research Center School of Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering. "We are eager to see how it all came together in the field."

ECT developed the compact ECOPOD System 1.0 (photo) to transform produced water into clean water for use in irrigation and potable water applications. The centerpiece is OriginClear's commercial-scale P3000, designed to treat up to 3000 barrels per day. The ECT team implemented additional scrubbing and polishing steps to achieve potable grade water. The entire process is chemical-free and is extremely energy-efficient while reducing the rate water evaporates during re-use.

"Drilling yields up to 13 gallons of wastewater for every gallon of petroleum," said Talbott Howard. "Federal and state pressure on the oil industry to recycle that water – potentially increased by Proposition 1 spending – is creating a major business opportunity for ECT to treat up to 42 billion gallons a year in Kern County. There's also a possible bonus in recovering more valuable crude oil and rare earth minerals. Prospective customers are now visiting the site and we are ready for commercial deployment on a (Just-In-Time) schedule."

"My hat is off to the ECT team for succeeding under intense deadlines," said Jean-Louis (JL) Kindler, President of OriginClear's Technology division. "I especially want to thank Nicholas Eckelberry and Michael Green who have spent many hours on this project."

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OriginClear is a leading provider of water treatment solutions and the developer of a breakthrough water cleanup technology serving the rapidly growing $500 billion world market. Through its wholly owned subsidiaries, OriginClear provides systems and services to treat water in a wide range of industries, such as municipal, pharmaceutical, semiconductors, industrial, and oil & gas. To rapidly grow this segment of the business, we strategically acquire profitable and well-managed water treatment companies, which allow us to expand our global market presence and technical expertise. To enable a new era of clean and socially responsible water treatment solutions, we invented Electro Water Separation™, a breakthrough high-speed water cleanup technology using multi-stage electrolysis, that we license worldwide to water treatment equipment manufacturers. Water is our most valuable resource, and the mission of the "Family of OriginClear Companies" is to improve the quality of water and help return it to its original and clear condition. To learn more about OriginClear®, please visit our website at www.originclear.com.

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