Wastewater Treatment Systems come in single steel unit.

Press Release Summary:

Pre-engineered and pre-fabricated package biological wastewater systems are designed for treatment of domestic wastewater flows from small, medium, and large municipalities. Sizes range from 500 to 100,000 gpd and larger. Steel fabricated structures feature weather- and environmental-resistant coatings. Units are designed to meet prevailing regulatory authorities at point of installation.

Original Press Release:

Pre-Engineered & Pre-Fabricated Biological Package Wastewater Treatment Plants Now Available from Pollution Control Systems, Inc. for Municipal Applications

Pollution Control Systems, Inc. of Cincinnati, Ohio announces its complete line of pre-engineered and pre-fabricated package biological wastewater treatment systems for the treatment of domestic wastewater flows from small medium and large municipalities. These systems offer the user a complete wastewater treatment system in a single prefabricated steel unit.

The PCS package wastewater treatment plant operates on a aerobic principle of biological treatment. The wastewater flows into an equalization tank, if needed, to feed the flow at a steady rate to primary biological treatment process in the aeration chamber. This aerated chamber allows the biomass to consume organic contaminants in the flow in an oxygenated environment. The treated wastewater then flows to the clarifier where solids are settle from the flow. Excessive sludge generated in the clarifier is "wasted" or pumped back to a sludge holding tanks for further reduction and disposal. The treated wastewater flow moves from the clarifier to a disinfection chamber and tertiary filtration if needed. The water then flows to the receiving stream treated to the limits set in place by the prevailing regulatory authority. The entire process is accomplished in a single, pre-fabricated, compartmentalized vessel.

The Pollution Control Systems, Inc. line of package biological wastewater treatment plants offers the specifier and user several advantages:

-Entire biological treatment system in a single vessel.

-Systems are completely pre-engineered and pre-fabricated.

-Designed to meet prevailing regulatory authorities at point of installation.

-Steel fabricated structure with weather and environmental
resistant coatings providing years of enduring service.

-Sizes Range form 500 to 100,000 GPD and larger.

Typical Applications:

-land development

-small, medium, & large cities

-trailer parks

-recreational areas, parks, marinas

For additional information contact: Tim Poynter, Pollution Control Systems, Inc. tel: 513-831-1165 / FAX: 513-965-4812.

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