Wastewater Treatment System eliminates re-circulation loops.

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Used for removal of total suspended solids, oils, fats, and grease, Gas Energy Mixing (GEM) system lets operator start or stop system at any point of time and run it for any duration without sedimentation concerns. In entire process, wastewater is treated in Liquid Solid Gas Mixing (LSGM) heads and thereafter reaches floatation tank. As complete process happens within LSGM heads, operator can introduce changes in chemical composition and see effective results within seconds.

Original Press Release:

GEM: a New Approach Towards Waste Water Treatment

Los Angeles: Gas Energy Mixing system abbreviated as GEM system has set a milestone in the waste water treatment industry. The creators of GEM system, Clean Water Technology Inc. specializes in providing solutions for primary treatments such as GEM, DAFs (Dissolved Air floatation and clarifiers. GEM is the most advanced flocculation and floatation system in the market and is replacing the traditional DAF system.

GEM is a technology used for the removal of total suspended solids- oils, fats and grease. It is said to be better than the DAF system in terms of floatation technology and operation. Explaining the processing of GEM system, the official spokesperson of CTW said, “In the entire GEM-system process the waste water is treated in Liquid Solid Gas Mixing (LSGM) heads after which it reaches floatation tank. Chemicals are introduced directly into LSGM heads in which they are mixed immediately into the waste water stream. As the complete process happens in the LSGM heads, operator can introduce changes in the chemical composition and see effective results within seconds.”

With the GEM system the operator doesn’t have to wait for chemical reaction within the chambers or for the flow of water through floatation tank to see the results. In addition to this the operator can start or stop the GEM system at any point of time and can run it for any duration without worrying about sedimentation.

The spokesperson also added, “DAF system has become a technology of the past. GEM has been modeled with the latest technology and the most useful feature of GEM is that it exceeds containment loading of DAF system which gives improved results. The GEM unit has a greater contaminant loading and produces much drier solids. The complete process is entirely new that has been developed by CWT after years of research.”

The GEM is said to have achieved the following benefits:

1> Superior Aeration

2> Flow and contaminant loading freedom

3> Drier sludge

4> Standardized system design which is cost effective

5> Smaller footprint

6> Elimination of re-circulation loops, air grids, lamella plate packs

7> Zero sedimentation

8> Easier operation

9> Eliminates plugging issues

To know more, pleas visit http://www.cleanwatertech.com/gem.html

About CTW

In addition to primary treatment, Clean Water Technology specializes in new installations, membrane systems, screens treatment and retrofits existing DAF systems and other bio-degradation units. Their operations needs smaller footprint and are efficient than traditional technologies. They are experts in providing waste water treatments which are better than any other products in the industry. They’ve surpassed the competition in the industry in terms of rates, bi-product generation and equipment efficiency.

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Clean Water Technology, Inc.

151 W. 135th Street

Los Angeles, CA 90061

United States of America

Phone: (310) 380 4648

E-mail: info@cleanwatertech.com

Website: http://www.cleanwatertech.com/

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