Wastecorp Pumps Announces New Marine Pump Product Line

NEW YORK - Wastecorp Pumps, a leading manufacturer of wastewater pumps and pump out systems, announced today the release of a new pump out product line designed for marine sanitation and bilge pumping. The new compact pedestal pumps, dockside pump outs, mobile bilge pumps and stand alone pumps add a new dimension of quality and performance for wastewater pumping at marinas.

"Our new marine pump product launch is just in time for the boating season kick off in many parts of the United States and Canada," said Maggie Domingos, senior product manager at Wastecorp Pumps. "We are excited to provide marinas with a new choice for innovative, high quality and high performance pump outs worldwide. All of our pump out systems include patented Mud Sucker® diaphragm pump technology which is a revolutionary way to pump slurries and wastewater using a contoured velocity channel to reduce clogging. Of course all of our pump outs are designed and manufactured in the United States and Canada."

Pedestal Pump Out

Wastecorp's pedestal pump out system features a powder coated stand with a compact piping system to reduce the footprint on docks. Control panels are available with standard push button start/stop, coin operated or remote control models. Marinas have a choice of Mud Sucker pumps in 2"-3" sizes with capacities ranging from 20-160 gallons per minute (GPM). For more information visit www.wastecorp.com/mudsucker/collection_system.html

Mobile Waste Containment Systems

Marine pump users also have a choice of over 50 custom mobile waste containment systems or "honey wagons" to dispose of wastewater and bilge waste. A wide selection of tanks sizes are available ranging from 25-2500 gallons, with a choice of mounting configuration to adapt to the user's needs. For full details visit: www.wastecorp.com/mudsucker/honeywagon.html

Pump Outs

For marinas that only require a pump out, Wastecorp offers several Mud Sucker diaphragm pump models for facilities of all sizes. Our pump outs are custom built to the needs of the facility with pump capabilities ranging from 20-280 GPM. For more information visit www.wastecorp.com/diaphragm_pumps.html or see a new marine pump selection video on our YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7_qgukKmuA

About Wastecorp Pumps

Wastecorp Pumps manufactures heavy duty pumps for marine, municipal, industrial, residential and commercial water and wastewater treatment applications. Wastecorp's brands include Wastecorp Plunger Pumps®, Mud Sucker® Diaphragm Pumps, Trash Flow® Centrifugal Pumps and Turbo Flow(TM) high volume pumps. The Turbo Flow pump line includes vertical sewage, horizontal split case, booster pumps and more. Wastecorp Pumps are designed and manufactured in the United States and Canada with product availability worldwide. View our products online at www.wastecorp.com or contact us toll-free at 1.888.829.2783.

SOURCE Wastecorp Pumps

CONTACT: Michael Daniels, 1-888-829-2783, danielsm@wastecorp.com

Web Site: www.wastecorp.com

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