Waste Handler Crawlers are designed for landfill applications.

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Models 950J and 1050J are designed to keep debris out of engine compartment by eliminating openings. Hydrostatic drive train, controlled by joystick, delivers precise maneuverability. With 247 net hp and 58,500 lb weight, Model 950J comes with semi-U blade with trash rack of 21.8 cu yd capacity. Model 1050J has 335 net hp, 81,000 lb weight, U-blade and semi-U blade with trash rack of 25.8 and 32.8 cu yd, respectively.

Original Press Release:

New John Deere Waste Handlers Built for Tough Landfill Work

MOLINE, Ill. (May 31, 2007)-The new John Deere 950J and 1050J Waste Handler Crawlers deliver production-boosting advantages far superior to other crawlers in their class. With a full-featured hydrostatic drive train, state-of-the-art cooling system and extensive guarding, these workhorses deliver the powerful performance and superior durability the waste application demands.

The 950J and 1050J dozers join a proven family of Deere waste handlers, including the 544J, 624J, 644J, 724J, 744J four-wheel-drive loader machines and an existing dozer model, the 850J. The dozers serve the landfill needs; the 4WD loaders were designed for transfer stations.

"These machines are designed to push ton after ton of trash in the toughest environment imaginable," said Xenya Mucha, solid waste product marketing manager, John Deere Construction & Forestry Company. "Deere worked with solid waste managers to think through the solutions that would deliver a purpose-built landfill dozer that's as waste-proof and easy to maintain as possible."

The 950J dozer has rated 247 net horsepower and has an operating weight of 58,500 lbs. The semi-U blade with trash rack has a capacity of 21.8 cubic yards. Extreme service track pads are available from 22 through 26 inches wide. The 1050J dozer has rated 335 net horsepower with an operating weight of 81,000 lbs. The 1050J U-blade with trash rack is 25.8 cu-yd, and the semi-U with trash rack is 32.8 cu-yd. The track pads range from 22 to 28 inches wide and are available with trapezoidal holes.

Both models feature hydraulically-driven, variable speed reversing fans for engine and hydraulic coolers. The fans run at the right speed to cool the machine while saving fuel. The reversing cycle is set on a timer to purge every 30 minutes; however, if the debris builds up between cycles, the operator can override the timer and manually start the purge by pushing a button on the control panel. The system can be used at full engine speed for uninterrupted machine operation. The cooling system has wide open fins spacing-five fins per inch radiator and air-to-air turbo aftercooler.

The final drives have three layers of protection. The first layer is a bolt-on guard. Next is the stepped labyrinth to grind debris. The third layer is a dual-seal, oil-filled cavity. If anything damages the first seal, a light in the cab notifies the operator that the first seal has leaked oil. The second seal, which is still intact, holds the oil for the final drives.

Guarding on both machines is extensive. The high ground clearance and smooth bottom guards keep the dozer riding over the trash without dragging and pushing it. All of the gaps were closed between the mainframe and belly pans, and cab and mainframe. Heavy duty tank guards protect the fuel and hydrostatic tanks from debris kicked up by the mainframe. Protective strips along the side of the mainframe prevent damage to the engine side shields and hinges. The turbocharger and exhaust manifolds are protected with thermal shields to reduce fire hazards.

The waste handlers have optional striker bars, fast fueling, dual-stage engine pre-cleaner; cab air pre-cleaner and a counterweight with storage compartment.

"The entire machine is designed to keep debris out of the engine compartment by eliminating openings," Mucha said. "It's better to keep the debris out than to have to clean it daily."

These machines deliver ease of operation and precise maneuverability as a direct result of the full-featured hydrostatic drive train, which is controlled by a single joystick. The drive train allows these machines to deliver power turns under load, infinite speed control, power management, counter-rotation, dynamic braking and other productivity-boosting advantages. With an infinitely variable speed range from 0 to 6.8 mph, the operator can choose the right ground speed for the job, executing smooth, full power turns of any radius. Tight turns are possible at any ground speed. Maximum ground speed is controlled by a simple switch, and all available power is applied, regardless of the selected speed setting. Maintenance-free oscillating track frames use a unique cushioned pivot shaft that absorbs shock loads for enhanced comfort. And, total machine control lets the machine owner customize decelerator mode and response, forward-reverse ground-speed ranges, steering modulation and FNR shift rate.

The 950J is powered by an electronically controlled 247-horsepower 10.5-liter, in-line 6 cylinder engine, while the 1050J features a new, Tier III-certified, 12-liter, six-cylinder engine with 335 horsepower. These turbocharged engines deliver power at a low rpm for enhanced longevity and optimum fuel economy. Wet-type cylinder liners in both engines dissipate heat for reduced ring wear and oil breakdown. The 950J with outside-mount Semi-U blade with trash rack can handle 21.8 cu-yd. of material and is designed for pushing waste in a landfill. The 950J with inside-mount 9.4 cu-yd. (without trash rack) Power Angle Tilt (PAT) blade is the right machine for grading and occasional use in the pile. Pilot hydraulic controls and thumb-operated blade angle require less effort from the operator. The 1050J can be spec'ed with either a semi-U or U dozer blade, with or without trash rack for up to 32.8 cu-yd. capacity. Hydraulic tilt and available blade pitch keep the load in front of the blade, while an optional trash rack does its job without sacrificing visibility.

All 950J and 1050J dozers have front and rear track guides and sprocket guard along with John Deere Dura-Trax(TM) undercarriage with deep-heat-treated, sealed and lubricated track links and through-hardened, sealed and lubricated rollers for maximum wear resistance. The traditional oval undercarriage has only one wear-causing forward-travel flex point, compared to three on elevated sprocket undercarriages on competitive machines. Sprockets are segmented, recessed and deep-hardened for long life and are designed to resist undercarriage packing. Extreme-service 30-inch track shoes with trapezoidal relief holes also are available.

The hydraulic system features a closed-center system with variable-displacement load-sensing hydraulic pump, low-effort metering and pilot-operated blade control that deliver smooth hydraulic response and speed.

The operator's station has been totally redesigned for maximum comfort and virtually unobstructed all-around visibility. The door openings are larger and the doors are lighter, with increased strength and pull-to-release latches. Right- and left-side windows are hinged. The spacious, pressurized cab features standard air conditioning and heat, as well as a 12-volt power outlet, and a cup and lunch box holder. A new decelerator pedal combines the decelerator and brake functions into one pedal, and a new park lock lever simplifies operation. Ergonomically designed controls give low-effort command of forward/reverse travel, steering, ground speed and blade. The new dash panel has backlit rocker switches and a new monitor display unit. Engine speed now is controlled with a rotary dial to allow infinite speed control between high and low idle.

Like all Deere equipment, daily and periodic service points are grouped, with many behind hinged shields that open wide, simplifying fluid and filter checks. The total machine control system also simplifies maintenance by providing detailed diagnostic readings for quick troubleshooting without tools.

"Everything about these machines is designed for maximum productivity," Mucha said. "The 950J and 1050J have a lot of Deere-exclusive features that result in best-in-class productivity."

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