Wash Water Recycle System offers plug-and-play operation.

Press Release Summary:

Designed to help meet EPA, local, and state regulations for zero-discharge wash water recovery and recycling, stationary Model PFS comes with 185 gal bulk storage tank and 1/3 hp submersible pump. It features 3 stages of inclined gravity separation, 2 stages of oil separation, 3 stages of cleanable hydrocarbons, and chlorine injector to control bacteria growth. System is suited for rental yards, automotive repair, or contractors who have wash bay and sump.

Original Press Release:

Hydro Tek Systems Introducing the RPFSE1 (PFS) Plug and Play Water Recycle System.

Introducing the PFS Stationary wash water recycling system. Truly a plug and play system the PFS includes features found in systems costing thousands of dollars more and is a cost effective way of meeting EPA, local and state mandated regulations for "Zero Discharge" wash water recovery and recycling.

The PFS features the simplicity and dependability of a fully manual system and is ideal for rental yards, automotive repair or contractors who have a wash bay and single or multi stage sump to recover wash water runoff. The system comes complete with 185-gallon bulk storage tank, 1/3 hp submersible pump. A lifetime Stainless Steel frame option is also available ensuring this system will "Outlast" all others.

The PFS features 3-stages of inclined gravity separation with easy to access sludge drains. Two separate stages of oil separation and three stages of "cleanable" pleated filtration including a carbon impregnated stage to remove odors and hydrocarbons and a chlorine injector to control bacteria growth. Maintenance is simple, just pull the quick purge sump valves and clean or replace filter cartridges when indicated by the built in pressure gauge. The system also includes automatic pump controls, low water shutoff and automatic water replenishment valve.

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