Warehouse Software offers virtually unlimited capacity.

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Warehouse Rx(R) scalable Warehouse Management Software (WMS) offers solutions for manual warehouse operations through fully automated distribution systems. Limited only by disk space, it operates in systems with as few as 20 SKUs to systems with as many as 90,000. Real-time inventory control provides no delay from when items are entered into WMS and when they are stored, picked, or shipped. Real-time tracking is also provided.

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Eskay's Warehouse Rx(R) WMS Software Offers True Scalability, Modular Integration Path From Manual To Automated Warehouse Operations

SALT LAKE CITY - With companies looking to maximize their investments in Warehouse Management System (WMS) software, ESKAY's Warehouse Rx(R) WMS offers unmatched scalability for manual warehouse operations all the way to a fully automated distribution system. Warehouse Rx features standard interfaces to integrate seamlessly with most kinds of automated storage, transportation, sortation, order picking, and other material handling equipment, either as a stand-alone package or integrated with an existing host system. Product information is available by calling 800-253-1003 or online at www.eskay.com.

"Warehouse Rx allows you to start with a completely manual warehouse, then simply add plug-in automation modules to control new automated equipment. Instead of having to replace your WMS when your operation grows, Warehouse Rx grows with you," said ESKAY product manager Craig Welch. "By adding automation modules and the latest software releases, you can get the most from your software investment."

In addition to automation scalability, Warehouse Rx also offers virtually unlimited capacity. It operates in systems with as few as 20 SKUs to as many as 90,000. One Warehouse Rx application picks over 800,000 pieces per day, with capacity to grow to 1.6 million. In both instances, Warehouse Rx is limited only by disk space.

Another key feature of Warehouse Rx is its real-time inventory control. Unlike batch-processed WMS packages, there is no delay from the time an item is entered into the WMS and it is stored,
picked, or shipped.

"Warehouse Rx tracks inventory physically and logically at the same time," Welch said. "As items move through the warehouse, Warehouse Rx simultaneously updates the inventory so you know exactly where your product is at any point in time. Real-time data tracking also provides greater inventory accuracy and control."

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