Warehouse Management Software offers real-time visualization.

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Savanna.NET® v2.3 delivers real-time 3D visualization of warehouse via web-based dashboard that is also used for tracking key statistics of operations. Package includes order picking module as well as streamlined user rights management interfaces and supports integration of third party picking solutions. Users may view warehouse from any angle, including walkthroughs, and individual items/SKUs as well as warehouse zones can be identified and filtered.

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Westfalia Technologies, Inc. at ProMat 2011 Booth # 3926

Launching Version 2.3 Savanna.NET® Warehouse Management Software
New WMS Visualization and Demo in Westfalia's ProMat Booth # 3926
Flexible AS/RS Designs for All Size & Shape Warehouses From Conventional Low-Bay Warehouses to High Rise Storage

YORK, PA. - Westfalia Technologies, Inc. is launching Version 2.3 of their Savanna.NET® Warehouse Management Software at ProMat 2011. Key features of Savanna 2.3 include real time 3D visualization of the warehouse; a dashboard for tracking key statistics of warehouse operations; streamlined user rights management interfaces; and improvements to the order picking module for integrating third party picking solutions (i.e.; high speed layer picking and mixed layer picking). All these features will be on show in Westfalia Technologies, Inc.'s booth #3926 with a demonstration of 3D Visualization and Savanna user screens using actual warehouse data.

Also on show at Westfalia's ProMat booth # 3926 are flexible Automated Storage & Retrieval System designs proving AS/RS's capabilities in all size and shape warehouses - from retrofitting existing conventional low bay warehouses to new green field high rise projects. In addition to spotlighting their experience in low bay warehouses, Westfalia's booth will highlight integrating AS/RS with order picking via High Speed Layer Picking and Mixed Layer Picking.

Savanna 2.3's 3D Visualization has been developed with gaming software and it allows users to view the warehouse from any angle, including walking through it. Individual items/SKUs can be identified and filtered (for example inventory can be colored by SKU), as can warehouse zones. Like all other aspects of Savanna, this 3D Visualization module is flexible enough to be integrated into warehouses controlled by other WMS's, where Savanna WCS is used.

The Savanna 2.3 Dashboard is web-based, and will allow clients to plug in the statistics they wish to track, with real time data. User improvements include the ability for users to develop and save their own data filters, thereby allowing even greater flexibility for all levels and types of users. Also, user groups and rights are easier to configure and manage with Savanna 2.3.

Recent beverage and food company installations aid in demonstrating the strength and flexibility of Savanna WMS integrating various warehouse technologies, and the vast design expertise of Westfalia's AS/RS engineers. At a recent installation for a major beverage producer in Florida, Savanna seamlessly integrates the SRMs, case & pallet conveyors, pallet check stations, Gantry robots for high speed layer and mixed layer order picking, manual order top off, stretch wrapping and sequencing for truck loading. The robots software focuses on building optimal pallet load configurations, following the order processing instructions from the WMS. The advances to Savanna's order picking module are a reflection of the high speed layer picking and mixed layer picking of this facility. For firms considering utilizing layer picking, it is important to know Westfalia has the power with Savanna to control order processing not only with their own Model 870 & 880 Layer Palletizers, but also with robotic and manual picking operations at any facility.

Stop by Westfalia's booth # 3926 at ProMat 2011 to see Savanna.NET® WMS Version 2.3 in action, and to learn more about Westfalia's versatile AS/RS designs for low bay warehouses, including options for high speed layer picking and more. Westfalia's Savanna WMS will be available for personal demonstration at anytime throughout the show. Additionally, contact Westfalia at 800-673-2522 or visit www.WestfaliaUSA.com or www.Savanna.com.

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Westfalia Technologies, Inc. is a leader in providing logistics solutions for plants, warehouses and distribution centers. Our expertise combining software (WMS) development with machinery manufacturing reveals Westfalia's ability to deliver turn-key solutions to meet each client's specific needs with unsurpassed quality and control. Every day we reduce inventory, labor and shipping costs, as well as improve throughput and accuracy for a wide range of businesses. Westfalia's products include Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS), Savanna.NET® Warehouse Management Systems, conventional and DeepLaneTM pallet flow systems, conveyors, order pick systems, layer forming palletizers, automated parking systems and stainless steel case packing, stacking and handling equipment.

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