Warehouse Lighting and Heating Systems

Just like for new warehouse lighting, installing new warehouse heaters is a great way to get big tax deductions worth millions of dollars.

Chesterfield, MO - Warehouses that combine energy efficient lighting and heating have become the largest and fastest growing category of buildings qualifying for the highest EPAct/179D Federal tax deductions of up to $1.80/sq. ft.

Warehouse building owners and tenants with new gas-fired heaters from Cambridge Engineering are qualifying for tax benefits worth millions of dollars. These tax benefits are now available for both new warehouse construction and energy retrofit projects for existing facilities. Companies are finding that by installing both new warehouse heating and warehouse lighting systems, they can qualify for the maximum deduction making the upgrades more affordable than if completed separately.

Lighting and space heating are the two biggest sources of energy used in many warehouses. The decision to install energy efficient warehouse lighting and heating systems is now a no-brainer based on current Federal tax incentives, additional utility rebates and a 35% to 50% reduction in energy costs. The payback for installing new warehouse heating and lighting systems can be less than a year.

Beginning in 2012 there are new bans on inefficient lighting. However, old lighting in a large warehouse can be expensive to replace and the cost often exceeds EPAct's $0.60/sq. ft. cap. A new Cambridge Blow-Thru® Space Heating system will typically cost less than a new lighting system. The smart thing to do is combine a warehouse lighting retrofit with a Cambridge heating retrofit that costs less than $0.60/sq. ft. Together the new warehouse lighting and Cambridge heaters can qualify for a total $1.20/sq. ft. EPAct tax deduction. The low cost energy efficient Cambridge heaters will help pay for new lighting and the energy savings can be so great that the $1.80/sq. ft. EPAct deduction is also sometimes available to help pay for a new warehouse roof or additional insulation.

Additionally, owners and tenants that recently installed new warehouse lighting are still in a great position to upgrade their warehouse heating system. The significant remaining EPAct tax benefits for the combined heating and lighting package can still be realized if they act immediately and upgrade their heating system now.

"A warehouse heating system that is more than five years old and that is 80% or less efficient should be replaced," said Ken Williams, Director of Marketing for Cambridge Engineering. "Installing a few high performance Cambridge Blow-Thru® space heaters with 100% combustion efficiency is the best solution and can be made more affordable with the EPAct tax deduction. It can be a risk-free investment with payback in less than a year followed by an on-going annual cash benefit. "

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About Cambridge Engineering:

Established in 1963, Cambridge is a manufacturing company with strong R&D, engineering and customer oriented problem solving capabilities. Cambridge can recommend an experienced, independent tax firm familiar with commercial/industrial heating equipment who can help obtain Federal tax incentives for warehouse energy optimization projects.

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