WARDKits built at WARDJet Headquarters

By building their WARDKit waterjet systems at WARDJet headquarters, three customers gained confidence in operating and servicing their new machines.

TredWear came to WARDJet from Alabama to build a WARDKit 5x10 with two heads for use in creating custom tire graphics from raised rubber and to bring production in-house. Park Plus traveled from New Jersey to build a WARDKit 5x10 with a single abrasive head for use in cutting materials necessary to build high density parking structures seen in big cities without needing to source from around the world. JHE Production from North Carolina built the versatile WARDKit 5x10 for use in fabricating event production in-house for live shows, special events, and coordinating events for big name companies like NASCAR, Lowes, and Fox Sports.


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