WARDJet Releases 5-Axis Router with 3 feet of Z-Axis Travel.

The ZCM-2543 speaks to WARDJet's motto of "NOT JUST A WATERJET..." In fact, it's not a waterjet at all. In WARDJet's effort to provide tailored solutions, we continually step outside of the waterjet box. Additionally, this unique router gantry is 100% "waterjet ready." The system has been designed to accept a second 36" Z-axis with a 5X head, which will also have a 2.5 x 4.0 m cutting envelope. As evidenced by this machine, WARDJet's modular design has the potential for a wide variety of unique solutions.

Think you’ve got a manufacturing need that can’t be solved by a “standard” machine? For our in-house design and engineering team, creating these tailored and customized solutions is our specialty. Contact us at 330-677-9100, sales@wardjet.com to discuss your needs.

Direct Link:  http://www.wardjet.com/zseries#ZCM-2543

About WARDJet:

WARDJet is an innovative and creative manufacturer of abrasive waterjet cutting machines. A waterjet cutting system designed by WARDJet will provide you with the most versatile CNC automation platform in the industry. Our in-house manufacturing capabilities allow us to build waterjet cutting machines to your exact specifications. Your waterjet will be expandable and upgradeable to meet the ever-evolving needs of your company.

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