Wallmount Industrial Box PC has compact, modular design.

Press Release Summary:

Able to be extended technically and mechanically, Intermas WM-M can be powered by Intel® Core™ i5 or i7 mobile processors (PGA 989), operates up to at least 60°C, and incorporates components designed for 24/7 on time. Data storage is provided via 6 SATA interfaces, and slide-in frame is assembled with one or two 2.5 in. hard drives which work with raid configuration 0/1. Along with 2 GB nominal main system memory, features include range of coinnectivity and expansion options.

Original Press Release:

Intermas WM-M: Compact Wallmount Industrial PC

Intermas-Elcom GmbH expands the product range by a notably robust and long-term available wallmount box PC: Intermas WM-M. As a specialist for industrial PCs

possessing a long tradition of the development of housings, Intermas focused both on industrial electronics and on a functional as well as robust housing design. The result is a compact and modular system which can be variously extended both technically and mechanically.

The built-in components are designed for 24/7 on-time. The operating temperature reaches to at least 60°C so that the system can be used under really rough surrounding conditions. Mainboards and processors come exclusively from the embedded product line so these products are available for at least five years. No limits are set to the mechanic components since Intermas develops and produces them all by itself.

Features in detail:

For the current configuration the system is equipped with Intel® CoreTM i5 or i7 mobile processors (PGA 989). Data storage is integrated by six SATA interfaces. The slide-in frame is assembled with one or two 2.5’’ hard drives with work with raid configuration 0 and 1.

Changing the hard drive can be done with a few simple steps and even without opening the housing. The main memory of the system is normally equipped with 2 GB. Intermas WM-M includes 8 USB interfaces, 2 GB Ethernet and 4 COM ports. Additionally, audio, VGA and DVI connections are available. Onboard I/O interfaces are routed outwards to a custom bezel. An active riser-card offers two full-value PCI slots and can be equipped with two application-specific PCI cards. Thanks to the optionally integrated WLAN module the system can be adapted to a wireless network. Intermas WM-M is configured with Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows Embedded variants. For Linux applications, the system supports Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.

Due to its extendibility and simultaneously small design height, Intermas customers use Intermas WM-M mainly for open or regulating functions. Even data recording as well as image and video processing can be realized easily and cost-effectively thanks to scalable process performance and memory space.

About Intermas-Elcom GmbH: About Intermas-Elcom: As a specialist for Electronic Packaging, Intermas offers 19’’ computers, wallmount solutions, panel IPCs as well as custom kiosk systems. Intermas encompasses it’s own development and production

department, so each industrial computer can be adapted to custom requirements concerning mechanics and electronics. Thanks to this flexibility, Intermas products can be used in almost every area of industrial electronics, telecommunication as well as military and traffic engineering.

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