Wallmount Chassis supports DVRs and surveillance systems.

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Suited for horizontal and vertical mounting, Hawkeye WMC-402M supports standard micro-ATX motherboard, 1 external 5.25 in. drive bay for CD-ROM/DVD-ROM, and 1 internal 3.5 in. drive bay for HDD. System is powered by micro-ATX 300 W power supply and utilizes 8 cm ball bearing fan to optimize cooling. Featuring heavy-duty steel construction, chassis is designed for PC-based Digital Video Recording systems for security, monitoring, access control, and other safety applications.

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The Best Wallmount Chassis for DVR and Surveillance Solution

Nowadays, security has been the top most priority in most situations. Both in public and private premises, for any kind of purpose including monitoring, transaction, and access control, the need for a reliable but affordable tool is a must.

The trend is now heading for a PC-based digital video recording system which allows easy, convenient, and high quality usage. Your old VCR time-lapse CCTV system may no longer answer your current and future needs, and now you badly need a perfect replacement.

AICSYS proudly presents you this powerful 'Hawkeye' WMC-402M which has been specifically designed for this purpose. With its versatility for vertical and horizontal mounting to match your valuable space, this heavy duty - industrial grade chassis which supports micro ATX size is an excellent choice for digital signage, video wall, or data wall application.

Now you do not need to worry anymore about the reliability of your device with this WMC-402M. To provide you with a greater peaceful mind, AICSYS has also equipped this device with a powerful-reliable certified-80 Plus micro-ATX Power Supply and a 8cm ball bearing fan to allow excellent airflow cooling and maintaining the silence and tranquility of your room.

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