Wall Panels do not require panel joint caulking.

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Petrarch Architectural Wall Panels attach to aluminum frame system over watertight wrapping of building, creating back-ventilated and pressure-equalized system that aids in moisture evacuation. While exterior wall panel deflects most water, Rain Screen technology offers 1 in. cavity that prevents water from moving farther into wall assembly. Water in cavity drains down inside face of wall panel or on waterproof wall membrane at other side of cavity and drains out of wall assembly.

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CEP Panels Introduces New Rain Screen System

New Rain Screen System Installation for Petrarch Architectural Wall Panels from CEP Panels, Inc.

The Rain Screen principle is a superior method for wall construction, to prevent water leakage, and provide a weather resistant exterior design. The exterior wall panel is still intended to deflect most of the water that contacts the wall. However, a one inch cavity is provided behind the wall panels. If water does penetrate the facade, it reaches the cavity and cannot move further into the wall assembly. Instead, water in the cavity will drain down the inside face of the wall panel or on the waterproof wall membrane at the other side of the cavity, and it will be deflected and drained out of the wall assembly. In practice the cavity acts as a capillary break to remove the capability of water to stagnate inside the walls. Therefore, this eliminates the need to caulk the panel joints, as the outer wall panels are not completely sealed.

Combining the beauty of Petrarch panels with the forward thinking of Rain Screen technology, allows the architect to design without the need for exterior caulking. Utilizing Rain Screen technology, Petrarch architectural panels are attached to an aluminum frame system over the watertight wrapping of the building. This creates a back-ventilated, pressure equalized system that of itself aids in moving moisture away from the building. With the weather barrier behind the system away from the damaging effects of weather, your project will be watertight year after year without the risk of a caulk joint failure.

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