Wall-Mount Plastic Enclosures protect electrical equipment.

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Complementing existing S and M models, DIATEC XS and L enclosures have contoured design with 0.10 in. recessed central control panel. External dimensions for series range from 6.10 x 5.90 x 1.45 in. to 7.87 x 12.99 x 1.88 in., and all containers are molded in ABS. The XS models consist of top and base part assembled by 2 fixing screws hidden on underside, while models S, M, and L consist of molded top, base, and 2 contoured side panels that are snapped into place.

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'DIATEC' Plastic Enclosures Now in Two New Sizes!

Due to customer demand, OKW has extended the popular 'DIATEC' range of wall mount enclosures with two new sizes - the new smaller size XS and larger size L models. These complement the existing sizes S and M models. Typical applications for the new models will include machine controllers, door entry systems, time loggers, detections systems, communications devices, medical and wellness equipment. 'DIATEC' enclosures have a modern contoured design with a central control panel for mounting a membrane keypad, display module or push-button switches. The range is now available in four standard sizes with external dimensions from 6.10" x 5.90" x 1.45" to 7.87" x 12.99" x 1.88". The central control panel is recessed by 0.10" to suit different types of membrane keypad or product label. 'DIATEC' enclosures are molded in ABS (UL 94 HB) in two standard colors, lava gray and off-white. Other colors can be molded or painted on request. The new XS models consist of a top and base part assembled by two fixing screws hidden on the underside. The S, M and L models consist of four molded parts: top, base and two contoured side panels that are snapped into place. The side panels hide all of the assembly and mounting screws giving a clean and modern appearance. The interior of the three larger enclosures can be sub-divided using accessory slot-in panels. Screw pillars are molded in the top and base parts of all models for mounting the PCBs and electronic assemblies. Sizes S and M can also be fitted with accessory hinged lids to protect the keypad area. These lids are available in solid ABS, and translucent or transparent polycarbonate. Power cables can enter the enclosures via the underside or base panel. Alternatively, when used in remote locations or as a portable units, the 'DIATEC' enclosures can be fitted with batteries. Two 1.5V AA cells, or a single 9V cell (S,M & L) can accommodated in the base part. Prices for the new models start at $30. OKW can supply the 'DIATEC' enclosures machined with holes for keypads, connectors, LEDs etc., plus silk-screen printed legends and logos, and RFI/EMI shielding. More information on these enclosures can be found on OKW's website at: www.okwenclosures.com

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