Wafer-Handling System is SMEMA compliant.

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Fully automated Adept WLM, for SMEMA compatible screen/stencil printers, supports wafer sizes up to 300 mm, including thinned wafers. Modular system can be expanded and reprogrammed for use as back-end cluster tool by adding wafer interface for reflow oven or other process tools. System supports optional wafer and lot tracking, and has 14 in. monitor and keyboard with integrated GUI. It is suitable for wafer bump and semiconductor ball placement applications.

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Adept Technology Delivers First Modular Production Wafer Handling Solution for Advanced Packaging

Fully Automated SMEMA Compliant Solution Designed for Wafer Bump and Semiconductor Ball Placement Applications Delivered to DEK

San Jose, California - January 13, 2003 - Adept Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADTK), a leading manufacturer of flexible automation for the semiconductor, electronics, fiber optic, telecommunications, and life sciences industries, today announced that it has delivered its Adept WLM wafer handling solution to DEK, a Dover Technologies Company. The fully automated Adept WLM wafer handling solution for SMEMA compatible screen/stencil printers supports wafer sizes up to 300mm, including thinned wafers. Designed initially for bump and semiconductor ball placement applications, the Adept WLM is designed to provide high precision, reliable wafer handling and application flexibility at an affordable cost.

"In an environment where manufacturing processes are evolving rapidly, customers need automation that can evolve and be redeployed just as quickly - and in a controlled fashion." said Joe Campbell vice president of marketing for Adept Technology, Inc. "The new modular design of the Adept WLM brings flexibility and standardization to the wafer handling process in the form of pre-engineered scalability and reconfigurable features."

"Our customers have been demanding wafer handlers that are flexible," said Neil MacRaild, manager of DEK's Semiconductor Packaging Technologies Group. "The delivery of this flexible wafer handling solution is important news as commercial electronic manufacturers move toward volume production of high performance chip scale packages."

The Adept WLM is designed for scalable performance, managed process transitions and long deployable lifecycles, resulting in lower cost of ownership. The standard and modular design reduces the limitations, costs and complexity commonly found when deploying and supporting custom wafer handling solutions in advanced packaging. Through a rich set of options -- many of which can be retrofitted at the customer site -- the system provides maximum configuration flexibility. Full compliance with SMEMA and SEMI standards ensures compatibility and easy integration with most current and future advanced packaging equipment. The system can be expanded and reprogrammed for use as a back-end cluster tool by adding an optional wafer interface for a reflow oven or other process tools. In addition, the Adept WLM supports optional wafer and lot tracking, and has a 14-inch monitor and keyboard with integrated GUI for easier operator use, maintenance and troubleshooting.

DEK played a key role in the emergence of volume surface mount manufacturing, having introduced the world's first passÃ' screen printer in 1985. That machine was the catalyst that enabled high throughput electronic manufacturing facilities to be set up all over the world. As contract electronic manufacturing strengthened, DEK continued to develop and improve the processes and technology of screen printing. In 1991, DEK created a new industry benchmark in the DEK 265. Its combination of advanced automation, high throughput and impressive consistency make it a favorite throughout the world's OEM and CEM businesses. By steadily evolving the 265 concept, DEK built a reputation for stability and quality that saw the 265's installed base reach 3000 machines worldwide by the end of the 20th century. For more information about DEK refer to www.dek.com

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