Wacom's Electronic Signature Pads and Pen Displays Now Available at Computime

Broad product offering from the leader in pen input devices opens up new sales and distribution opportunities for Computime

VANCOUVER, Wash. -- Wacom® announced today that it has entered into a business relationship with distributor Computime to sell its electronic signature and presentation solutions here in North America.

Wacom's commitment to pen-based input devices is backed by over 30 years designing, manufacturing and distributing its products to millions of satisfied customers around the globe.  The company's signature pad and interactive display products are used by a variety of industries including banking, insurance, healthcare, hospitality, education and others.  Recently, Wacom's European business solutions group became the leading provider of electronic signature pads in Europe, a testament to Wacom's product design and quality engineering as well as a harbinger for growth with Computime and its customers on this side of the Atlantic.

"This partnership is a strong strategic fit, leveraging both Wacom and Computime's respective strengths," said Tom Scott, General Manager, Computime. "It will enhance Computime's position as the trusted source for eSignature capture solutions while significantly expanding Wacom's products in key, North American markets."

A major resource for system integrators already, Computime's addition of Wacom's electronic signature pads to its product portfolio enables the company to seek out new opportunities with a proven leader.  Wacom's electronic signature family, the STU-300, STU-500, STU-520 and DTU-1031, offer unique differentiation that sets them apart from other manufacturers. Wacom 's electro-magnetic resonance pen technology is virtually maintenance free with no batteries or wires needed. The pen tether, to secure the pen to the pad, does not carry a signal, so no functionality is lost if the tether becomes damaged. Because the input technology is built underneath the hardened glass, resistance to scratches and overall durability become key selling points.  In addition, Wacom pens are pressure-sensitive, providing valuable forensic data for industries concerned with fraud.  A three (3) year warranty is standard for all signature products.

For turnkey electronic signature solutions, Wacom recommends products from SOFTPRO, a world leading electronic signature software provider, which can be bundled with Wacom signature pads, both available from Computime. Wacom and SOFTPRO have experienced tremendous success in Europe building solutions for different types of industries including banks and retail stores.                                                                  

Computime also offers Wacom's line of interactive pen displays for all applications where ease-of-use is key.  From viewing and signing full page patient consent forms in a hospital, to marking-up and annotating presentations in a lecture hall, using Wacom's pen to sign, write, or draw directly on the screen is an easy and engaging experience. Wacom provides a full line of pen displays from 10.1" to 22.5", models DTU-1031, DTU-1631, DTU-2231, and DTK-2241. Additionally, for greater hands-on versatility, the DTH-2242 combines Wacom's renowned pen experience with industry leading multi-finger touch input. All Wacom intreractive displays, available from Computime provide best-in-class pen performance and integrate with virtually all digital inking applications.

"Wacom is pleased to be teaming with Computime to help ensure that paperless transactions become mainstream as companies seek new ways to save time and money as well as become better corporate citizens and environmentally aware," said Michael Marcum, vice president of Wacom's vertical market group for the Americas. "We are confident in Computime's ability to serve customer needs through their vast network of system integrators and resellers."

About Wacom

Founded in 1983, Wacom's vision to bring people and technology closer together through natural computer interface technologies has made it the world's leading manufacturer of pen tablets, interactive pen displays and other digital input solutions.  For vertical market applications such as electronic signature capture, medical recordkeeping and presentation, Wacom's intuitive input devices improve cost and workflow efficiencies while providing both businesses and their customers a natural and engaging experience.  Consult www.wacom.com for more information.

About Computime

Headquartered in St. Louis, MO, Computime provides a wide range of services including high-tech sales and consultation, distribution, logistics, asset management, post-sales support and marketing services.  For more, please visit Computime at: www.computimeonline.com.

For more information, please contact:

Douglas A. Little

Sr. Public Relations Manager

Wacom Technology Services, Corp.

360-896-9833 x174




Web Site: http://www.wacom.com

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