Wacom and Access Announce Streamlined e-Signature Solution for the Healthcare Industry

New Offering Brings Time and Cost Savings to Healthcare Providers

VANCOUVER, Wash. - Today Wacom®, the leading manufacturer of pen tablets and interactive pen displays, announces a partnership with Access, a global provider of electronic forms management, automation and workflow software, to create a new e-Signature solution for the healthcare industry. The solution combines a Wacom signature tablet with Access' Intelligent Forms Suite software to deliver a more streamlined, secure and efficient way to integrate electronic handwritten signatures into the healthcare industry's daily workflow.

By bringing accurate and real life e-Signatures to the patient registration and bedside consent processes, Wacom and Access' solution reduces the time and cost previously invested in the process.

"Collecting traditional, hand-written signatures from patients at registration and bedside requires the use of paper forms, which not only incur high financial, productivity and environmental costs, but delay admission and inhibit information sharing," said Cody Strate, Sales Director. "With Wacom and Access's e-Signature solution, healthcare professionals and patients experience a reduction in the time and cost it takes to securely authorize medical appointments, exams and procedures."

Additionally, each one of Wacom's battery-free and cordless signature tablets is able to capture the static and biometric information of individual signatures which Access captures and binds to the document, providing an effective defense against fraud for both patients and healthcare providers. Litigation risk is also reduced with accurate, electronically-stored signatures proving patient consent.

"Through modernizing the signature capture process, Wacom and Access' e-Signature solution provides not only a cost-savings to healthcare providers with less of a need to print, scan and store documents, but an increase in the trust and confidence patients feel in their healthcare provider through the streamlined and professional process it offers," says Michael Marcum, Vice President of Vertical Markets for Wacom Technology Services, Corp. "Improving the process to add unalterable and legally-binding electronic signatures to documents is also a time-savings, which benefits both patients and the healthcare industry."

Wacom and Access will be showcasing their e-Signature solution at the Healthcare Information and Management System Society's Annual Conference (HIMSS) February 20-24 in Las Vegas. To learn more, please stop by:

Wacom's Booth Number: 13522

Access' Booth Number: 860

Resellers and System Integrators interested in selling Wacom and Access' e-Signature solution can send inquiries to SignatureTablet@wacom.com for more information.

About Wacom

Founded in 1983, Wacom's vision to bring people and technology closer together through natural interface technologies has made it the world's leading manufacturer of pen tablets, interactive pen displays and digital interface solutions. The advanced technology of Wacom's intuitive input devices provide business, education and healthcare users with the ability to explore digital content creation in a comfortable, natural way. For additional information, visit: www.wacom.com.

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Access is the world's leading electronic forms (e-forms) management, automation and workflow software provider. Our solutions transform any paper-intensive forms process into a paperless, collaborative workflow. Hundreds of hospitals worldwide are using Access solutions to improve patient care and safety, cut costs and enhance electronic health records (EHR), patient safety and downtime planning initiatives. Learn more at www.accessefm.com.

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