WACKER SILICONES Develops New Cost-Efficient Low Release-Force Silicone Release Agents for PSA Labels and Adhesive Tapes

Munich, July 6, 2006 - The Munich-based WACKER Group presents a new silicone release agent for coating release liners for PSA labels and double-sided adhesive tapes. The solvent-free product, to be marketed as DEHESIVE® 960, cures extremely rapidly with very little platinum catalyst. Its release force profile - offering extremely low release values at both high and low peel rates - has been optimized for automated processing.

The new agent is an addition-curing, solvent-free system for coating paper and film. It is distinguished by its excellent release force profile. Low release values ensure that labels and adhesive tapes peel off better from the backing material. This feature is particularly advantageous in label manufacturing, since the release properties of backing paper play an important role in automated processing and packaging. Low release values mean that release liners coated with DEHESIVE® 960 are simple to process, at both high and low automated peel rates.

Another characteristic of DEHESIVE® 960 is its high reactivity. Curing faster than standard products, it requires significantly less platinum catalyst. Thus DEHESIVE® 960 also offers distinct advantages in terms of cost efficiency.

About DEHESIVE® Silicones
WACKER SILICONES has been developing and manufacturing silicone-based paper and film coating systems for over 30 years under the DEHESIVE® brand. DEHESIVE® silicones are organosilicon compounds specially developed by WACKER SILICONES for the production of silicone release liners and films. Their chemical structure ensures superior release properties in contact with sticky substances, along with excellent flow and rapid curing during processing. DEHESIVE® silicones are typically used as three-component products consisting of a polymer, curing agent and catalyst. CRA® controlled-release additives are used to adjust the release force within a very wide range.

One of the world's leading producers of silicones, WACKER SILICONES offers one-stop solutions for products, services and strategies. It helps customers push ahead with innovations, penetrate global markets, optimize business processes, reduce overall costs and boost productivity. WACKER SILICONES has approximately 3,500 employees (as of year-end 2005).

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