Vyyo Announces Availability of UltraBand Passives to Accommodate Today's Services and Future Growth

ATLANTA, June 19 /-- Vyyo Inc. (NASDAQ:VYYO), a global supplier of broadband access equipment for cable and private wireless broadband network solutions, announced today the availability of its UltraBand line of 3 GHz passive devices that are designed to help cable system operators cost-effectively meet today's service needs and accommodate future growth.

The UltraBand products -- including taps, splitters and other passive elements -- provide superior quality for today's services and offer operators the ability to grow capacity of HFC plant to accommodate additional services in the future to meet growing customer demand. The products utilize leading-edge technology and are available for immediate delivery.

"Cable system operators always need to build new plant and maintain the legacy with two goals in mind: providing the highest level of service today, and creating smooth transition to new services in the future," said Avner Kol, COO of Vyyo. "Vyyo's passive products are architected to meet or exceed the industry's current standards so that they provide the best signal quality in any installation for today's services."

"When I was architecting new network designs, I always looked ahead to use the best available product technology," said Al Johnson, senior vice president and general manager of spectrum overlay for Vyyo. "There's tremendous comfort in knowing that the equipment you install today will provide the best service possible and allow you to get more from your network for the long-term."

Vyyo's new suite of products includes all of the passive elements operators need to build or maintain plant. Products include the:

o UltraBand XSP -- A 3GHz directional splitter and coupler, capable of AC power passing that connects on the cable network. The UltraBand XSP units replace the standard splitters to enable 3GHz RF signal propagation throughout the coax cable plant.
o UltraBand XPTF -- A 3GHz directional tap unit for the RF signal along with feeder. The UltraBand XPTF splits the signal into two, four and eight taps for customer connection. It is also capable of AC power passing from the input to the output on the feeder, with the additional feature of power extracting for cable telephony applications.
o UltraBand XLEQ -- A 3GHz device designed to compensate for feeder cable slope in the forward legacy band while transferring the extended band with minimal loss.

All UltraBand passives are engineered to meet the exacting SCTE and FCC standards cable operators require, and install in the same way as existing passives, using industry standard connectors and standard test equipment. Key attributes of the UltraBand passive line include support for two bands, the 5-1003 MHz legacy band and the 1300-2750 MHz Vyyo UltraBand; integration of an upstream, plug-in attenuator within all taps to enable the operators to balance the legacy return path; low insertion loss at frequencies up to 2750 MHz; and RF/AC bypass capability when the faceplate is removed.

About Vyyo Inc.

Our products are designed for use by cable television and wireless telecommunication operators, wireless internet service providers (ISPs), utilities and enterprise. Our cable solutions include cable system spectrum overlay solutions designed to expand cable operators' typical HFC (hybrid-fiber coax) network capacity in the "last mile" by up to 2x in the downstream and 4x or more in the upstream, addressing bandwidth demand for T1 and other advanced services. Our wireless broadband solutions enable utilities and other customers to operate private wireless networks for communications to their remote assets and customers. Typical applications include high-speed internet services, SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition), voice over internet protocol (VoIP) and telephony (T1/E1), all based on modified Data Over Cable System Interface Specification (DOCSIS®) technology. For more information, please visit www.vyyo.com.

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