VSAT Satellite Terminals provide high-speed data transmission.

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Intended for first responder and military use, VSAT Satellite Terminals helps ensure fast, effective responses during critical missions. Supplied in man-portable and airline checkable packages, systems utilize traditional dish equipment to provide high bandwidth data connections through geostationary satellites in X, Ku, and Ka bands. Transmit data speeds up to 5 Mbps and receive speeds as high as 15 Mbps are possible.

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New VSAT Satellite Terminals Provide Fast, Portable High Speed Data Transmission

First Responder and Military use of VSAT satellite terminals from 308 Systems is a pivotal technology in ensuring fast, effective responses during critical missions.

FORT COLLINS, Colo., – Communication always plays a vital role in the completion of missions both stateside and overseas. Imagine the importance of precise communication for the Wisconsin-based National Guard engineer company that will soon be deployed to Afghanistan to search and seize of IEDs (improvised explosive devices) in the eastern part of the country. This mission's full completion is critical so that the United States forces can begin to move troops and equipment out of Afghanistan.

Alternatively, imagine the necessity of swift and accurate data transmission for responders to natural or man-made disasters within the United States. Responders to any of the hurricanes or tornadoes that have struck the United States in recent years have found themselves trying to communicate in the midst of total terrestrial chaos and destruction.

In either case, mission completion is easier said than done due to the dangerous nature of each situation and the presentation of ravaged infrastructure. Swift, reliable and precise communication is critical, yet tough to attain in remote or devastated terrain. However, the use of VSAT (Very Short Aperture Terminals) technology as available from 308 Systems enables the National Guard in Afghanistan or a team of emergency responders in the United States to communicate quickly and precisely. VSAT has a higher speed backhaul data rate, operates anywhere with great efficiency and is small and highly portable.

With VSAT communication backhaul, agency missions are accomplished swiftly and safely.

308 Systems in Fort Collins, Colorado (www.308systems.com), supplies a broad range of VSAT equipment, useful in a wide variety of circumstances. The VSAT lineup from 308 Systems comes in a series of small man-portable and airline checkable packages.  These systems are completely customizable to meet the deploying agency or organization's unique needs. It utilizes traditional dish equipment to provide the highest bandwidth data connections through geostationary satellites in the X, Ku and Ka bands in the United States and throughout the globe. Transmit data speeds up to 5Mbps and receive speeds can be as high as 15Mbps, with many additional service and performance options available. Hardware costs range from $21,000 to just over $100,000 with additional service costs based on end user requirements.

This extensive VSAT lineup represents the latest state-of-the-art high bandwidth mobile solutions from 308 Systems. It can be used with the company's revolutionary TAC-PAK™ briefcase command center and SATPAK wireless system, ensuring that teams or organizations truly can communication reliably from anywhere. 

About 308 Systems

At the forefront of rugged field command and communications, for 16 years 308 SYSTEMS has provided revolutionary Ultra-Agile Mobile Command and Communication solutions to a broad spectrum of commercial, government and military customers. Products address logistics tracking, mobile networking and mobile command needs and have been successfully deployed at every major disaster from Hurricane Katrina to the yearly Red River floods. From its headquarters in Fort Collins, Colorado, 308 SYSTEMS has established a legacy of innovation and leadership in developing advanced, integrated communication systems that satisfy the customized specifications of military, government and commercial clients. These technical capabilities are available on multiple General Services Administration (GSA) schedules, and are complemented by a focus upon technical excellence, quality products and uncompromised integrity.

For additional information or to schedule an interview, please contact Mr. Mark Lueker, Director of Advanced Projects at 970/282-7006 or Email. 


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