VPT Introduces 120 Volt SGRB DC-DC Converter Featuring GaN Technology

Blacksburg, VA, April 25, 2022 – VPT, Inc. (VPT®), a HEICO company (NYSE:HEI.A) (NYSE:HEI), announces the availability of its 120 volt SGRB12028S DC-DC Converter. Using advanced EPC Space GaN technology, the SGRB12028S is capable of very high efficiency, up to 95%, and is radiation hardened. A fixed-frequency reduced voltage switching topology results in very low input and output noise, making it suitable for use in a variety of high-power space payload or bus applications.

Specifically designed for applications facing the harsh radiation environments of space, the SGRB Series of space rated DC-DC converters has been characterized to Total Ionizing Dose (TID) of 100 krad(Si), including Low Dose Rate (LDR), and Single Event Effects (SEE) performance to 85 MeV/mg/cm2. The SGRB Series features an integrated EMI filter, 120 V input and 28 V, 400 W output, and is rated for full power operation from -35°C to 85°C. VPT’s history of proven space flight heritage ensures long term performance and reliability.

“Expanding the SGRB product family with offerings that include a 120 V bus solution, continues to allow VPT to be an industry leader in high efficiency, space application, DC-DC converters.” Stated VPT Engineering Manager, John Evans. “The SGRB product is a great building block to both 100 V and 120 V space power systems.”

The availability of the SGRB Series is subject to all applicable U.S. export license restrictions and regulations. Additional information can be obtained by contacting a local VPT distributor.

About VPT and HEICO

VPT, Inc., part of the HEICO Electronic Technologies Group, is a global provider of innovative DC-DC power converters, EMI filters, and custom engineering services for avionics, military, space, and industrial applications. Every day, organizations like NASA, ESA, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, BAE Systems, Thales and many more depend on high-reliability solutions from VPT to power critical systems. For more information about VPT, please visit www.vptpower.com.

HEICO Corporation (NYSE:HEI.A) (NYSE:HEI) is engaged primarily in niche segments of the aviation, defense, space and electronics industries through its Hollywood, FL based HEICO Aerospace Holdings Corp. subsidiary and its Miami, FL-based HEICO Electronic Technologies Corp. subsidiary. For more information about HEICO, please visit www.heico.com.

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