Volumetric Blenders handle up to 4 different materials.

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Multi Flow Volumetric Blenders, Models F2, F3, and F4 provide blending and synchronized feeding of up to 4 different materials via positive displacement feeding action. Blenders incorporate 2-4 Posimax screw-less additive feeders, which convey material from storage hopper to discharge outlet. Up to 20 recipes may be stored for different product formulations. Control routines include calibration, starting empty blender, and emptying unit for production change.

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Volumetric Blender Provides High Accuracy Blending

Volumetric Blender Provides High Accuracy Blending and Synchronized Feeding of Up To Four Different Materials via Patented Positive Displacement Feeding Action

TELFORD, UK - (June 30, 2004) - Colormax Limited, a leading manufacturer of innovative auxiliary equipment designed for handling raw materials in the plastics industry, offers plastics processors high accuracy blending and synchronized feeding of up to four different materials with the Multi Flow Volumetric Blender - models F2, F3, F4 available. The Multi Flow ensures a constant blend via patented positive displacement feeding, avoiding layering and the need for additional mixing devices.

Utilizing the patented screw-less feeding technologies of the Posimax B200 and B300 additive feeders, the Multi Flow Blender incorporates two to four Posimax units. Designed with vertical rotating discs which create a product lock up zone, the Posimax conveys the material smoothly from storage hopper to discharge outlet, allowing for excellent linearity for high blend accuracy. With constant bulk density materials this means minimum material waste and less calibration time.

The easy-to-use control system incorporates a number of standard control routines, including: calibration, starting an empty blender, and emptying a unit for a production change. As well as running the feeders, the multi flow controller will sequence up to four vacuum loaders and a vacuum pump. By monitoring the material usage of each feeder, the loader priority is automatically set to ensure that the highest throughput material receives the highest priority for refill. All programming parameters are password protected. There are three levels of programming access: Operator, Manager, and Colormax Service Technician.

Twenty recipes may be stored for different product formulations or alternatively material percentages for color, additive, and regrind can be entered directly. Attaching a printer allows an event log to be generated. When a more complex control system is required, the serial channel will communicate all parameters to and from the host computer.

Typical applications for the Multi Flow Blender include cast and blown film production; pipe and profile extrusion; preparation of pre-mixes and injection molding. A single blender can service several different production lines or each line can have its own dedicated blender.

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Colormax designs and manufactures innovative auxiliary equipment and automated systems for handling raw materials such as pellets, regrind, and powders. Colormax's product line includes additive feeders, conditioning equipment for gravimetric and volumetric blending, drying equipment, central receivers, in addition to, pneumatic, electric, sight glass, and filterless hopper loaders. Colormax offers full design, installation and commissioning services for central conveying and blending systems. Designed with simplicity, and manufactured for reliability, Colormax creates material handling solutions that save time and money. To learn more about Colormax and its full product line, visit www.colormaxltd.com.

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