Voltage Transformers suit extreme isolation applications.

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High Isolation Voltage Transformers, including RF transformers and inductors, gate drivers, unipolar and bipolar transformers, are engineered for corona inception/extinction voltages up to 20,000 Vrms @ 60 Hz and AC HiPot tested at voltages to 40,000 Vrms @ 60 Hz up to 1 min. Applications include medical, industrial control, and high-efficiency power supplies.

Original Press Release:

Bicron Increases Corona-Free Isolation Ratings on Family of High Isolation Voltage Transformers

Bicron's series of High Isolation Voltage Transformers - RF
transformers and inductors, gate drivers, unipolar and bipolar
transformers - are specifically engineered and 100% tested for
corona inception/extinction voltages up to 20,000Vrms @60Hz and
AC HiPot tested at voltages to 40,000Vrms @60Hz up to one minute. These test values represent a 75% increase over previous
test standards and are a part of Bicron's dedication to continous improvement in product quality. These two tests, run
together, virtually eliminate the chance of insulation system
defects on shipped product which could lead to eventual cata-
strophic failure.

Bicron's high isolation voltage designs, specially suited where
extreme isolation is required, should be considered in applica-
tions such as Medical, Industrial Control, and Hi-Efficiency
Power Supplies.

Some of Bicron's design capabilities for these applications

Medical: RF transformers and inductors to 250KHz. Isolation
transformers from 5VA-2500VA, 10-1000KHz, isolation to 12KVAC.
Step-up, down, and pulse transformers.

Industrial: Gate Drive, Pulse, IGBT Driver: 5VA-2500VA, 10-1000KHz, isolation to 40KV

High Efficiency Power Supply: Unipolar transformers: 5VA-2500VA,
flyback and forward converter. Bipolar transformers: 5VA-2500VA,
10-1000KHz. Optimized for minimum ACR, DCR and core loss.

Bicron's team of engineers works with the customer to assure
that the product meets the requirements of their application,
whether it is a modification of a standard product or a
completely new design.

Bicron Electronics, an ISO 9001 Certified company, designs and
manufactures a complete range of standard and custom high isola-
tion voltage inductors, switchmode transformers, gate drivers,
current sensors and other high reliability magnetic components.

Other Bicron products include a complete line of toroidal power
and isolation transformers, as well as a broad line of DC sole-
noids and linear actuators. Bicron has been a quality electronic
products manufacturer since 1964.

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