Voltage-to-Pressure Transmitter can be used with natural gas.

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Supplied in NEMA 4X explosionproof housing, 3-wire EPX2 Voltage-to-Pressure (E/P) transmitter is designed for use with normal instrument air and can also be used with natural gas. Product accepts voltage input signal from DCS, PLC, or PC-based control system and converts it to pneumatic signal for control of valves, actuators, and other pneumatically controlled devices. Accuracy is ±0.25% of span, maintained in supply pressure fluctuations from 20-40 psig.

Original Press Release:

EPX2 Voltage-to-Pressure (E/P) Transmitter Can Use Natural Gas as Its Pneumatic Supply

The EPX2 can be used in remote locations where it is too expensive or impossible to run a clean instrument air supply.

NORTH HILLS, CA- The EPX2 E/P transmitter from Moore Industries is designed for use with normal instrument air, but it can also be used with natural gas, making it possible to use the transmitter in remote locations where no electrical power is available to drive air compressors. Its extremely low power requirement of 3mA@12Vdc allows it to be powered by a battery or solar panel at remote sites. Applications include offshore oil platforms, natural gas wellheads, oil wells, pipelines and similar locations that are far from electrical power.

The three-wire EPX2 Voltage-to-Pressure (E/P) Transmitter accepts a voltage input signal from a DCS, PLC or PC-based control system and converts it to a pneumatic signal for control of valves, actuators and other pneumatically-controlled devices. Accuracy is ±0.25% of span including the combined effects of linearity, hysteresis and repeatability. It maintains accuracy even when the supply pressure fluctuates between 20 and 40psig.

The EPX2 has a NEMA 4X explosion-proof housing and is protected from environmental problems, including dirt, noise and temperature extremes. A large orifice, combined with an easily replaceable internal filter, protects against clogging caused by debris. The EPX2 has RFI/EMI protection, shock and vibration protection that meets SAMA PMC 31.1, and it works in temperatures from -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F) and humidity of 0-100%RH, non-condensing.

For more information, contact Moore Industries-International, Inc., 16650 Schoenborn St., North Hills, CA 91343, U.S.A; Telephone: (818) 894-7111; FAX: (818) 891-2816; E-mail: info@miinet.com; Web Site: www.miinet.com

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