Voltage Detectors can operate at monitored voltage of 0 V.

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Model STM1831 voltage detectors feature independent connections for sense input and supply voltage, allowing operation if monitored voltage reads 0 V. Units are offered in thresholds of 1.6-5.7 V in 100 mV increments, and draw as little as 0.8 µA supply current. Operating in temperatures of -40 to +85°C, they also have ±2% voltage threshold accuracy and open-drain output. Engineers can program time delay between when monitored voltage returns to normal and when unit deactivates alarm output.

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STMicroelectronics Reveals Innovations for Safer System Operation

Voltage detectors enable enhanced safe recovery in extra applications

Geneva - STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM), a global semiconductor leader serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications and a leader in monitoring and protection ICs, has perfected a new generation of innovative voltage detectors with extra features that enhance system safety and reliability for a wide variety of applications.

The STM1831 voltage detector will be used in equipment such as autonomous systems and safety-related devices, enabling the electronics to recover safely if a voltage drop occurs in the power supply. Unlike other voltage monitors, the device has independent connections for the sense input and its own supply voltage. This allows the voltage detector to operate reliably even if the monitored voltage falls to 0V.

A large selection of factory-trimmed voltage thresholds is available, from 1.6V to 5.7V in 100mV increments. This broad range allows designers to specify the exact voltage threshold they need to meet specific design requirements.

In addition, engineers can program the time delay between when the monitored voltage returns to normal and when the detector deactivates its alarm output. Only one external capacitor is needed to program the delay, which provides flexibility and simplifies design. The STM1831 also draws as little as 0.8uA typical supply current, allowing use in low-power applications such as battery-operated equipment.

Major features of the STM1831:

o ±2% voltage threshold accuracy

o Operating voltage 1.6V to 6.0V

o Open-drain output

o Power supply transient immunity

o Operating temperature range: -40°C to +85°C

The STM1831 is in production now, in the SOT23-5 5-pin package, priced at $0.245 in quantities of 1000. Alternative pricing options are available for larger quantities. Additionally, a variant of the device offering a threshold voltage of 1.18V is currently sampling to lead customers and will be available in production quantities in April 2011.


Product Folder - www.st.com/internet/analog/product/250084.jsp

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