VoIP Security System thwarts stealth, spoofing, and spam.

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Sipera IPCS 310 VoIP security system utilizes behavior learning algorithms for traffic and subscriber call patterns to detect anomalies and identify threats while allowing legitimate calls to be processed. Product features secure key management, wire speed encryption/decryption, network level intelligence, and automatic and user controlled handling of VoIP spam. Sipera IPCS 310 can be deployed in any existing VoIP infrastructure with no network configuration changes.

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Sipera Launches Comprehensive VoIP Security System to Protect End-Users and Network Infrastructures

Sipera IPCS 310 Product Thwarts DoS/DDoS Attacks, Stealth, Spoofing and Spam

ORLANDO, Fla., March 6 /-- Sipera Systems, the leader in pure security for VoIP, mobile and multimedia communications, today debuted its Sipera IPCS 310 system for comprehensive IP Communications Security. The Sipera IPCS products intelligently and transparently monitor VoIP traffic, detect anomalies in traffic and call patterns, and identify threats, to protect end-user devices and network infrastructures against attacks, misuse and service abuse. Sipera is publicly demonstrating the Sipera IPCS 310 in Booth #234 during the VoiceCon Spring 2006 Conference this week.

"Mission-critical communications applications such as voice telephony are migrating to IP networks for cost savings and increased collaboration. At the same time, the openness that comes with these IP networks can be exploited to launch malicious attacks and cause service abuse. Sipera provides a comprehensive security system for enterprises that have embraced the transformation to IP communications by protecting these applications against DoS/DDoS attacks, stealth, spoofing, and VoIP spam, while allowing legitimate calls to be processed at the same time," said Seshu Madhavapeddy, Sipera President and CEO.

"The Sipera IPCS 310 utilizes sophisticated security functionality with patented protection techniques to intelligently analyze every call, and perform the correct action," said Madhavapeddy. "This ensures that the enterprise VoIP network and its users remain secure and uncompromised."

"We've been testing the Sipera IPCS 310 for several months to protect our real-time, mission-critical IP communications, and have found it to be a strong, non-disruptive solution," said Chris Ferski, Vice President, Information Technology at Minneapolis-based Goldsmith-Agio-Helms, a private investment banking firm. "With Sipera's integrated, real-time security, designed to deal with threats coming even from encrypted network traffic, we know our end user devices and network are protected, while its transparent nature ensures that critical services are not disrupted."

Sipera IPCS products can be deployed in any existing VoIP infrastructure with no need for on-site interoperability testing, due to Sipera's close development and integration work with leading VoIP infrastructure manufacturers. The Sipera IPCS 310 product is not a point-of-failure in the network and is not subject to attack, as it is deployed without an IP address as a bump in the wire with no network configuration changes -- preserving network integrity and user uptime, for fast ROI.

The Sipera IPCS 310 features:

o Real-time performance, including secure key management and wire speed
encryption/decryption. The ability to decrypt TLS/SRTP in real-time is
the only way to provide true protection for security conscious
IT managers;

o Behavior learning algorithms for traffic and subscriber call patterns.
This automatic system detects anomalies, verifies the source using
methods such as sender intention verification and VoIP Turing tests,
and protects against multiple threats while dramatically reducing false
positive and negatives;

o Network level intelligence which correlates events in real-time from
different parts of the network for immediate protection of elements
against distributed attacks; and

o Automatic and user controlled handling of VoIP SPAM.

"Enterprise VoIP and other IP communications applications present a whole new security challenge, given their real-time nature, protocol and call state complexity, and user expectations" said Matthias Machowinski, Directing Analyst with Infonetics Research. "Systems like Sipera's represent a real and immediate solution for enterprises seeking solid security for their VoIP networks."

The Sipera IPCS 310 is available immediately. For further information, visit www.sipera.com or email salesinfo@sipera.com.

About Sipera Systems

Sipera Systems, Inc., the leader in pure security for VoIP, mobile and multimedia communications, enables enterprises and operators to protect end users and network infrastructures from potentially catastrophic attacks, misuse, and abuse of real-time, session-based protocols. Comprised of top vulnerability research experts, the Sipera VIPER(TM) lab concentrates all of its efforts towards identifying SIP, UMA and IMS vulnerabilities. This expertise forms the foundation of Sipera IPCS(TM) products which protect IP communications applications, and the Sipera LAVA(TM) tools which verify networks' readiness to resist attacks. Founded in 2003, Sipera is headquartered in Richardson, TX. Visit www.sipera.com/.

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